Thursday, April 29, 2010

Chase is 14!

Chase turned 14 this past Friday, April 23rd. It's so unbelievable to make that statement! I remember the details of my pregnancy and her birth like it all happened yesterday. It definitely doesn't seem like she could be 14 years old! Tommy and I thank God everyday for Chase, she has brought so much joy to our life! And though I can't believe that Chase is 14 years old, I also can't imagine my life without her! She has grown into an incredible young woman, she is so kind and compassionate, she really has such a sweet spirit about her! Chase has always been very mature for her age, she has wisdom far beyond her years! I am so grateful to be her Mom!

We have gone to Jump2it (a jump zone) in Peachtree City with our grandkids several times, and one time while we were there I noticed that they did Teen Parties, so I looked into it and asked Chase how she would like to have her birthday party there and at first she thought I was crazy, but the more she thought about it the more she saw the possibility for an AWESOME birthday party!!

Chase was able to invite 25 friends to her party, OK...keep in mind this is a place with every kind of blow up slide, jump, obstacle course thing you could possibly think of all in this huge space!! So we have 25 (actually 23 out of 25 invited showed up) so we had 23 teenagers in this huge room with all these huge blow up slides and blow up balls and they had a disco ball with all the lights turned out with Chase's music blasting thru the place!! Sounds crazy right?? It was the BEST party we have ever had!! The kids ran around and played for like an hour and a half while Tommy, my brother, Robert, his girlfriend, Nancy, and I sat at a table in the peace and quiet and talked!! The staff at Jump2it handled EVERYTHING!! Then we spent an hour in the "party room" where they even cut the cake and served it...not too mention they cleaned up the mess!! Then Chase got to sit in a huge blow up "throne" to open her presents and the staff handled all that as well...writing down who gave Chase what...Now if they just wrote the thank you notes!! LOL!

Chase had a great birthday, everyone had loads of fun, and it was a stress free party for Tommy and I!! This was the BEST BIRTHDAY ever!!

Our oldest grandson, Billy had his birthday party @ Jump2it the next day! He was so cute...His dad (Chase's brother) had already told him that Chase was only having teenagers at her party, so when we went out to eat with them for Chase's birthday before the party...Billy told Chase that her party was just for Teens, but his party was rated "E" for everyone!! Billy turned 5 on April 22nd...He is too funny! He's so much like his daddy was at age 5!

Dear Chase, I hope you will always know how much your daddy and I love you, we are so thankful to be your parents, you are exactly the little girl that daddy and I prayed for! And we thank God everyday for the honor and privilege to be your parents!
We love you Chase with all our hearts ~ Mom & Daddy

Monday, April 5, 2010

Resurrection Day!

We have had a wonderful Easter weekend! I was unable to attend our Easter celebration at the church on Saturday, but from what I hear it was a great time for everyone!! And it was a huge success in more ways than one! We had a great turn out of people for all the events we had going on as well as one young man, who approached our Student Pastor and wanted to know more about Jesus! Adam was able to present the gospel to him and he trusted Christ as his Lord and Savior!! And if that wasn't enough cause for celebration...We had a wonderful Communion Sunrise service on Sunday followed by breakfast and some great fellowship...We all went to Sunday school and came back together for our regular morning worship!! The presence of the Lord was really felt at LBC this morning! Thank you Lord for a Pastor (my hubby) who is senstive to the leading of the Holy Spirit! As Tommy was preparing for his first Easter service as a Pastor, he was lead to preach a more gospel presentation and because Tommy allowed the Holy Spirit to lead him as a result one man came forward during the invitation and trusted Christ as his Savior and Lord! So 2 new believers this weekend! Praise the Lord!! Now that is the way to celebrate Easter!! We also know of at least one other person the Holy Spirit is dealing with and we are praying that He will continue to draw him and that Tommy will have an opportunity to talk with him!! God is so good!!

Here a few of my favorite pictures of us from this wonderful Easter morning!

Happy Resurrection Day!! From the Worthey's

Hannah and Kaleb

This past week we were able to spend some quality time with our son Matthew and his wife Sarah's kids! They were both going to be out of town, and Sarah had asked me about coming to Wilmington and spending the week there to watch the kids! And of course I jumped at the chance to spend some time with the grandkids, however when I found out that Hannah was on Spring Break I decided to bring the kids home with me, so that they could spend sometime with the rest of the family as well! So I flew to Wilmington on Tuesday the 23rd, spent a great day hanging out with Sarah and the kids, then Thursday morning we took Sarah to the airport to catch her flight and the kids and I headed out on our road trip to Georgia...The kids were so good, between stopping to eat and potty breaks it took us alittle over 8 hours, but they were so good and it was a fun time! We tried to pack as much in as we could because I was going to have to drive them back home the next Thursday, April 1st! The first day we mostly hung out at the house all trying to rest up from the road trip, then over the weekend the kids went to Sarah's family over night so that they could see them while they were in GA as well! We picked the kids up on Sunday afternoon, and went to church...the kids were putting on a puppet show that evening and I thought Hannah and Kaleb would enjoy that! Hannah did, but Kaleb was soon running around the sanctuary, so we decided to head out to the playground! They played good and hard and went straight to bed after church!
Monday we had some errands to do, but the kiddos were so good we treated them to Burger King and about an hour on the playset there! After we picked Chase up from school and then was time for dinner, bath, and bed!! Tuesday was a big day...since the kids were so good tagging along on my errands I took them to the Newnan Utilities's the big park in Newnan with every kind of swinging and climbing outside play stuff you can think of!! We spent about 2 hours out there and the kids had a blast!! Needless to say they were going to bed every night with no arguments and they were both sleeping late!! :) Tuesday evening we had a little birthday celebration for Hannah, she turned 7 years old on Saturday, April 3rd and since she wouldn't be here that day...we celebrated with her while we could!! Granddaddy went and got an ice cream cake and balloons while we were at the park...and Aunt Chase distracted Hannah while we decorated!! Wednesday was also a special day...Especially for me (Unfortunately for Tommy, he had a terrible toothache and wasn't able to go with us) First we met up with Hester, Jacob, Kinley, and Elyn at Chick fila for lunch, then we headed to an outdoor park in Peachtree City for about an hour or so, then we met Brian, Gerie, and Billy at Jump2it for some fun with all the Worthey cousins!! :) It was so much fun to see all the grandkids playing together, not to mention this was the first time that we had all six of them together since Elyn was born!!

Here's a slideshow of our week with Hannah and Kaleb...Thanks Matthew and Sarah for letting us spend this time with them!!

Just alittle side note...when we got home on Thursday night
...Kaleb wanted Mimi!!
Not Daddy, not Mommy...only Mimi!! LOL!!
Yes...I was loving every minute of that while it lasted!! :)