Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Girls Day Out!

Hester and I had a "girls day out" today! Tommy aka Granddaddy kept Jacob and Kinley, so that Hester and I could go out! We had such a great time!:) First we hit Ashley Park for some shopping then we enjoyed soup, salad, and breadsticks at Olive Garden!! We had alot of fun and I look forward to doing it again soon!! Thanks Hester for a fun day of Adult conversation and fun "girl stuff "...The Lord has truly blest Tommy and I with wonderful daughter in laws! I feel so blessed to have Hester in our lives and in our family! And we are not the only ones who had fun today...Granddaddy, Jacob, and Kinley had a great time too!! :)

Hester @ Olive Garden

Monday, March 30, 2009

Soccer game, Birthday party, and T-Ball...We are so excited to be back in Georgia!!:)

WOW!! We have been back in Georgia for a month now and boy has it been busy and not just with unpacking!! We have had such a wonderful month of getting involved in all the activities of our grandchildren that we have been missing!! Billy has been taking soccer lessons and at his last lesson the kids went thru all the things they have been learning...Billy did so good!! He will be 4 years old in April and he can control the soccer ball like a little pro!! Another fun activity this month was Jacob's birthday!! He turned 3 years old on March the 6th! Jacob was born in March 2006 and we moved to Wake Forest in May 2006. Although we tried each year we were never able to make it back home for his birthday parties!! So this was the first year that we were able to be here and celebrate his birthday with him!! Nathan and Hester are also in the process of moving to their new house, so Hester had a party with his neighborhood friends in February before they moved. We had to put off our family celebration for a week because Jacob got that horrible virus that was going around, so he was sick on his birthday, but we were finally able to celebrate the next week!! We all went to McDonald's so that the kids could play on the playground and then we had cupcakes and presents!! It was so nice to just be able to be together to celebrate Jacob's special day!! We love you Jacob!! You are a wonderful part of our family!:) This month has also been filled with T-Ball...Luckily for us Jacob and Billy are on the same team, so we only have one game each week to get too!! They are so cute in their little uniforms!! With all the rain several games have been rained out, but we are looking forward to many more to come!! Here are some pictures from this month...I hope you enjoy!:)

Back Online:)

We are finally back online! Back into in the 21st century...For a quick update we have now met twice with a Pastor Search Committee. We are so excited about what the Lord has been doing in our lives since we moved back to Georgia. Tommy was able to preach for the Pastor search committee last night and we met with them and we along with the pastor search committee are praying for God's guidance! Please keep us in your prayers! We will update you as soon as we can! Now that we have Internet access at home I will update our blog with everything that has been going on here the last month!:)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Chase's First Day at Smokey Rd Middle School!!

Today was Chase's first day of school here in GA!! She was very excited and nervous too!! She has been the new girl in school, but she has never been the new girl that comes in when school is half way done!! Chase is always the one that is so sweet to go up to kids that are new and tries to help them make friends and find their way...She was too cute today...She said I hope their is someone there like me that will be my friend!!:) Please pray for Chase as she makes this hard adjustment into a new school where she doesn't really know anyone!!:) Plus she really loved her teachers in Wake Forest, so I know it's hard for her to go from doing things one way with a team of teachers you are comfortable with to getting to know your new teachers and what they expect from you!!:) Registration was quite an ordeal, but everyone was extremely nice!! We still have a couple of documents to get to them, but we had a ton that we filled out!! I haven't done so much paperwork since I registered her for Kindergarten!!:)

Chase's Big Trip to Texas!!

As many of you may know Matthew came from Texas to North Carolina to help us move!! He had to go back home to his wife and kids on Wednesday, March 4th. So since Chase was still tracked out of school, Sarah, Matthew's wife convinced me to let Chase fly home with Matthew. Even though that would mean Chase having to fly back home to Atlanta all by herself! YIKES!! I know as a parent you have to start letting them do things on their own...And normally that is not a very hard thing for me. Chase is very mature and has always been very independent, but I am still her mom and I still worry about her, she is only 12!! Anyway, I knew she would have a great time in Texas and this would probably be her only chance to do this until summer, so Tommy and I decided to let her go!! She was very excited to see Sarah and her niece and nephew, Hannah and Kaleb!! And she was very excited to do this great adventure of flying by herself!! She took some great pics that I will share with you and also some pics I got of her when we picked her up at the ATL airport!!

Here's Hannah all ready for her soccer game:
Chase also enjoyed going to the family picnic at Hannah's school...Here are some pics from there day and a day at the park!!

As you can see Chase had a great time in Texas with Matthew, Sarah, Hannah and Kaleb...Thanks guys for loving her and taking such good care of her!!

Here are the pics of us picking her up at the ATL airport:

Thank You Lord for bringing Chase home safely to us!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Moving In Day! - Fun with Family!:)

Moving in wasn't quite as smooth as moving out, but it went pretty well...The biggest problem was the rain!! It did finally stop when we were unloading the majority of things so that was a wonderful gift from the Lord!! We had lots of help and we are so thankful for our sons and for our friends that came to help us!! Monica, Ryan and Adam we couldn't have done this without you guys and we really appreciate all your help!:) And I have to put in a special plug for Matthew and Ryan...My dad had a refrigerator that had been at my grandmother's old house and it was practically brand new the only problem was that it had been left turn off for several months full of food and such because my brother thought lightning had struck it!! Needless to say it had a horrible odor!! Tommy wasn't sure it would clean up, but it was new and we wanted to try...I mean it was free, who could pass that up!?! Well our son Matthew and his best friend Ryan spent most of the day outside cleaning the frig from top to bottom....they even went and bought lemon juice and baking soda to try and get all the odor out...and you have to understand this was no little odor...this was bad...really bad!! But much to our surprise they were able to get it all out and the refrigerator is like brand new!! I wanted to get a picture of them with the frig, but was never able too!! But I do have some pics of them doing some other jobs!:) Our house has also been filled with family this whole week and we have had the best time!! Tommy even got his dad as addicted to Wii bowling as we are!:) And the really funny part is Tommy's dad went out Saturday and bought his own Wii so that he could play the bowling more often...Tommy wasn't even sure his dad would play and now he owns his own Wii!! Too funny!!

Here are some pics of moving in and our family visits:
Ryan putting together our new bookcase from Matthew:)

Here is Matthew hanging the new blinds he bought for us!!:)

Here are some pics of Tommy and his Dad playing the Wii and some of the grandkids as well:)

Uncle Matt having fun with Kinley!!

Aunt Chase playing the piano with Jacob:)

Saturday- Move in day it rained...and then Sunday - it snowed!!

Thanks to all who helped us move in and out!! And thanks to all who have been praying for us...please continue to pray that the Lord will continue to guide us as to where He would have us to serve Him!!

My New Love!:)

OK just to be clear...Tommy is still my #1 love, but my dear husband went out the other day and bought me a new vacuum cleaner for our new place!! Our old one died while we were in Wake Forest! My sweet son, Matthew was going to buy me a vacuum while he was here, because he knew I was stressing about not having one, but when he found out that I had my heart set on getting a Dyson...he decided to let his Dad purchase that for me and much to my excitement and joy he did!! I know I am getting old...I am excited about a vacuum cleaner and yes I have a picture!! Am I sad or what!?!

Here is my new love:

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Quick Update!

I wanted to give a quick update, because we do not have Internet service at our house yet, it has made it hard to keep our blog updated! We have been back in GA for a little more than a week now! We miss our friends in Wake Forest very much, but we have had a house full of family all this week and it has been wonderful!! As this is just a quick update I don't have any pictures to share yet, but I promise to get some soon!! We are getting settled in to our new place pretty well, almost all the boxes are unpacked!:) Chase went to Texas with her brother Matthew for a few days before it is time to get back to school, so she is having a blast in Texas while Tommy and I do all the hard work!!:) I will update again soon with more details and pics!!:)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Jacob!!

Today is Jacob's 3rd Birthday!! It's seems like yesterday that Nathan and Hester told us they were expecting!! Jacob is such a sweet and caring little boy!! He loves sports and He loves to come and "visit" Granddaddy, Mimi and Aunt Chase and play the Wii...He loves the golf game!!

You are so special to us Jacob!! We love you....Happy Birthday!!