Thursday, September 29, 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Pt 2

~Thursday, July 14, 2011 (Friday, July 15, 2011)

Chase somehow talked me into going to the Midnight showing of the Harry Potter movie, we have seen all the HP movies in the theatre together with the exception of the very first one...This is the first time we have gone to the midnight show for Harry Potter and the first time, Chase decided to dress up!

Since Luna Lovegood is the only blonde girl in Harry Potter, Chase chose to dress like her, she made a pretty cute Luna Lovegood if I do say so myself! I even managed to get crafty enough to make her a necklace like Luna's that keeps the "Nargels" away! Don't ask...I don't know!! :))

It was a great movie, I can't believe I stayed awake thru the whole thing!! Making memories with my girl, that was the best part of the evening!! :)

Water Party for My Sunday School Class

~Saturday, July 9, 2011

I started in June teaching the 4th, 5th, and 6th grade Sunday school class, and I have been really enjoying my time with them each week! I wanted to plan a fun outing with them this summer, but it was just so hot I wasn't sure what we could do, so I got a little wading pool, a sprinkler, some water balloons, and we had a water party! Tommy grilled hot dogs, we had all the fixin's and just enjoyed fellowship with the kids parents, and playing lots of cooling off games!

These are pictures from the Foot Freeze game...the pool was filled with water, and a cooler full of ice!
The boys and girls had to use their toes, to pick up the little plastic fish in the pool, and with their feet and toes only then place the fish in the bowls sitting next to them!! :)

 Our little one got involved too!!

Then we moved on to the Musical Sprinkler game....The sprinkler was turned on and off as the kids danced to the music, when the music went off you had to hold your position and the sprinkler came on!

I didn't get any pictures of the water balloon fight, our Student Pastor Adam decided it would be fun, to dump a bucket of the cold water from the foot freeze pool over my head!!

Here we are back inside to decorate some cookies

Final group shot before everyone went home...First one is a good group picture the second picture shows just how silly these kiddos are!! :)

We all had a really great time, lots of food, fun, and fellowship
Thanks to all the parents that came and brought their kids, and those that stayed and helped out!
and a very special thanks to Chase and her friend Caroline for all their help, this party would not have been as successful as it was with out your help! Love you guys :)

Playing Catch Up

I can not believe I have not updated my blog, since July 5th! I have never been an everyday blogger, but I don't think I have ever gone this long without some kind of update! I have to be honest, besides being extremely busy since July, one reason I have not been updating is because I have been somewhat discouraged...I haven't been getting as many comments on my post as I used to get and I started feeling as no one was reading or no one was finding my post interesting enough to comment on them! But I was reminded by my lovely husband that I am really doing this blog for my own benefit, and as a record of things our family is involved in and when....a record of our memories and that really matters to me more than whether anyone is reading my post or not! So, I plan to start updating my blog with all the things that have been going on with the Worthey's since July 6th!! I hope if you used to read my blog, that you will continue to do so! I have lots to catch up on, so I may post 3 or 4 blogs a day, so make sure you look for older post! :)