Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Chase's Freshman Year

Let me start by saying Tommy and I are so proud of our girl!!

Chase immediately got involved in high school as she began her Freshman year! Chase is a member of the Colorguard for the Newnan High School Marching Band, she is also an active member of the NHS Women's Chorus, as well as participating in the Newnan High School Fine Arts Department's production of "Hairspray".  We have been to several awards ceremonies this week, Chase has earned her Letter in Band / and Chorus, as well as a Chorus pin. She did this by not just participating. A few of the requirements are maintaining an A average, working service hours in the Chorus room, as well as attending music events in which she was not involved in, Chase accomplished all these things plus some! Chase also earned an award for her participation in the District 6 High School Honor Chorus. Chase's big surprise of the evening was being awarded the "Freshman Chorus Member of the Year" award. (Chase has also earned 5 points of the 10 points needed to be invited into the Thespian Society, her 5 points so far are for her work in Hairspray the musical - each point represents 10 hours of service in a play or doing service work, you must have 100 hrs to be invited, Chase hopes to be invited this coming school year!)

As you can see Chase has been very busy this school year, however she has not let any of these extra curricular activities keep her from doing well academically...Chase is finishing her Freshman year with a 3.95 GPA!

Chase has already started band practice for the 2011/ 2012 Marching Season, she is also very excited about being a member of the Women's Chamber Choir her Sophomore year beginning in August!

Band Awards Night - Monday, May 23, 2011
Chase accepting her band award and Letter from Mr. Edrogan
Chase on stage with other Freshman Band members receiving award and band Letter

Chorus / Drama Awards Night - Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chase receiving her Chorus award, Letter, and Chorus Pin
Chase receiving the FRESHMAN CHORUS MEMBER OF THE YEAR award!

Chase receiving her District 6 High School Honor Chorus Award from Mrs. Robbins

Chase with Mrs. Robbins

Chase with Payton and Autumn at the Chorus Awards

 Daddy and I are so proud of you and all your accomplishments this year!
Keep up the good work!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Our Home Repairs

Back at the end of March, Moreland was pounded with some bad storms and many people had severe hail damage, we had hail the size of baseballs!! We were fortunate enough not to have any leaks, but we did have severe damage to our roof and siding, plus 2 windows...Since we did not have any leaks our adjuster took his time to get to us, but we finally were able to hire a contractor and get all our work done this past week! We are also fortunate that we have a contractor as a neighbor! Brandon was great! He handled everything for us, from dealing with the insurance adjuster to completing all the work and going above and beyond! We have a new roof, new siding, and 2 new windows, we basically have a new house on the outside!! :)

This is a piece that Chase picked up after the storm was over,
so keep in mind this already hit our house and ground and it's still the size of a baseball!!

Thanks Brandon, for all your help!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Chase's AWESOME weekend!

On Thursday, May 12th Chase started with the usual question. Can _________ (whoever it happens to be each week) spend the night? This week the blank was filled by Sydni! Sydni and Chase have gotten to be close friends from church, Sydni isn't actually a member of our church, but her grandparents are, so Sydni comes with them quite often and long story short, she and Chase hit it off and became good friends! As part of the spending the night, they wanted me to take them to a ball game (Church softball) then Sydni's mom was going to pick them up from there, and they were all going shopping for a formal dress for Sydni! So far nothing out of the ordinary! This is a pretty common occurrence at our house, Chase rarely has a weekend that someone is not spending the night and they aren't wanting me to play chauffeur!!

Friday night went as planned, we met up after school got Sydni, brought home Chick-fil-a and Chase and Sydni spun flags, rifles, and Chase's new sabre most of the night...Now this is where we insert the "AWESOME" weekend...Saturday morning Sydni's dad called (He's a firefighter here in Coweta County) and asked if they wanted to be in a Country Music Video!! UH- YEAH!!! This is about the time the screaming started!! Screams of Joy of course!!!

Let me back up just a little, a local firefighter is fighting stage 4 cancer, and a new country star Corbette Jackson, who happens to be from the Newnan area, wrote a song for him called "Heart of a Champion", if you haven't heard it, look it up on youtube it's a great song! Corbette Jackson has raised alot of money for this firefighter by doing benefit fundraisers and such! ~ So Sydni and Chase both love Corbette Jackson, he's young and cute (too old for them) , but they are teenagers, they love him none the less!! So when Sydni's dad called and said get to the fire station and you and Chase can possibly be in the music video with Corbette Jackson for "Heart of a Champion" they flipped out!!!

Sydni was rushing to do her make up and I said maybe they will have someone there doing your hair and make up! She looked at me and said "There's something wrong with my hair??" OOPS, wrong thing for me to say at that moment!! They both finally got themselves together and I took them to the fire station! They had a blast!! They both got to meet Corbette Jackson and had pictures made, they were also asked if they knew anyone that had passed away due to cancer to write a poster in memory of them. Chase chose to make a poster in memory of my best friend, Nan Wallace that passed away in 1998 from cancer. Chase was only 2 years old when Nan passed away, but she still knows Nan because we talk about her often!! They were there from about 10am to 3pm, but they had the time of their lives! We don't know when the video is due to come out, but if you happen to be watching CMT and the video for Heart of a Champion comes on look for Chase!! :))

Chase and Abby very excited...Corbette Jackson is singing just behind them!! :)

Chase and Sydni with Corbette Jackson
Chase with Corbette Jackson, she is in shock about now!! LOL!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Happy Mother's Day!

We had a wonderful worship service at church then Tommy and Chase took me out for lunch! After lunch we came home and just hung out together, watching T.V. and talking...later in the evening Chase and Tommy made popcorn and we watched our favorite show!!

They also gave me some wonderful presents that I have enjoyed so much!
( Tommy had me convinced that the Tahoe was my Mother's day gift!! )
Tommy and Chase bought me this new dress for Mother's day...I just love it!
I also got charms to add to my bracelet...getting close to being full!! :)

We also took some flowers by my best friends grave, she passed away in 1998 after a 10 year battle with cancer, we always take flowers by on Mother's day and different holidays! I miss her so much, so glad to know I will see her again one day!
Thanks to my family...I had a wonderful Mother's day!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day from the Worthey's

I am very thankful for our daughter and our sons, our daughter in laws, and our 6 precious grandchildren...I count it a privilege to be a mom and a mimi and I am so thankful for the family that the Lord has blessed me with!

I hope each and every one of my blog readers have a blessed Mother's day!

Saturday, May 7, 2011


The Newnan High School Fine Arts Department Presents
Hairspray - The Broadway Muscial
Chase Worthey

OK OK...not really starring Chase, but she was the star of the show to her daddy and me!! Since January of this year Chase has been hard at work, involved in the Senior play at school. We would literally take her to school at 8:00am and not pick her up until as late as 10:00pm some nights! She and all the cast worked really hard and the performance this past week was all worth their efforts...They were AWESOME!! The real star of the show was Abby Grace, she played Tracy Turnblad and she was wonderful, they all were...I could go on and on!! Chase only being a Freshman this year had a minor role (if you have seen Hairspray, Chase was a mother of one of the girls on the Corny Collins Show) Chase was in about 6 scenes, she did a great job and her daddy and I are so proud of all her hard work! The last performance for Hairspray was Tuesday night, and then Chase started Colorguard practice for the marching band on Thursday night, no rest for the weary I guess!! As you know Chase LOVES the Colorguard, she is very excited it has started back!

Here are some pictures of Chase with some of her close friends that were in the show!

This was Chase's daughter in the show!

 Here is a collage of Chase with most of the cast members:

Here is a collage of some scenes from the production...
(we weren't allowed to video, so this was the best I could do!)

Newnan High School put on a wonderful production of Hairspray and I wish everyone could have seen it. Much of the credit goes to the Drama Director Mr. Bob Ramseur and his wife Ms. Elizabeth Robbins, who happens to be Newnan's Choral Director!

Newnan High will be putting on it's Spring Variety Show Livin' in America on May 17th, so if you are in the area, you should make plans to come out to see it Tickets are $5...I know it will be worth your time!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Chase got her Learner's Permit...Be Warned!!

All my local readers be warned, Chase took her test for her learner's permit, so she is offically learning to drive now! She has driven only a few times because she is involved in the Senior play at school, so she has been busy with dress rehearsal until so late at night that she hasn't had much chance, but I will post more on the Senior play later!

Chase was not able to get her permit on her birthday, since her birthday not only fell on a Saturday, but it was also a holiday weekend, so she had to wait until Tuesday April 26th to go take her test! She passed with flying colors...She made a 85 on the laws, and a 100 on the signs! :) She is so excited to finally be able to start driving, she is just like Tommy and I both were, we couldn't wait to turn 16 and get to drive and Chase is the exact same way!! :)

Daddy and I are so proud of you Chase!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter Sunday 2011

We had such a wonderful Easter, Matthew, Sarah, and the kids were here, so we got the kids up early for their Easter gifts, then we all got dressed up in our Easter clothes and headed to church for sunrise service...We had a wonderful service, Tommy read some scripture, we had some special music, and then we took communion. It was a very simple sweet service! Afterwards we fellowshipped together with breakfast, before our regular Sunday school and church service started!

This Easter was a time for firsts...It was the first time all our kids, our daugther in laws, and all 6 of our grandkids were all at the church together!! Tommy and I couldn't have been more thrilled! We stayed after to have a family picture made...Tommy's parents got in on the picture as well!
So we have 4 generations of Worthey's in this picture...Priceless!! :)

Also another first was having all 6 of our grandchildren at our house on Easter for an Easter Egg Hunt!! We had such a great time! I wish we could make this an annual tradition! Hint Hint!! :)

We had a wonderful day celebrating the Resurrection of
 our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,
as well as wonderful times with our family!
We hope you had a wonderful Easter as well!! :)

Chase's 15th Birthday Celebration!

Saturday April 23rd was Chase's 15th Birthday! We started the day by taking Chase out for a girls day out,  Tommy was called away to preach a funeral, so Matthew was left to take the kids to the Easter Celebration at our church while Chase, Sarah, and I went out to start the celebration, our first stop was to get coffee (Hester, and Sarah have made Chase quite the coffee drinker!), then we headed to USA Nails for pedicures, O'Charley's for lunch, and then a stop at Old Navy for a birthday dress for Chase's birthday dinner later that evening!

 We had a wonderful day celebrating Chase, and getting ready for her Birthday dinner at Olive Garden that evening, Chase invited several close friends, and most of our family was there to celebrate as well! Even Tommy made it home and to the party in plenty of time thank goodness! :)

Here is a collage of pictures we made at the party,
Chase with her friends and family along with some of her gifts!

Chase also received a unexpected gift from Tommy and I
 as well as a unique gift from her brothers, their wives and families!

 Tommy and I have saved reward points from our credit card, so we were able to get Chase a Nook Color for her birthday! She was so excited! She loves to read and she loves technology, so we felt this was the perfect gift for Chase's birthday!
Chase's brothers, their wives and families went in together to give Chase money because she has been wanting to buy a sabre for colorguard (yes, my daughter is completely obsessed with colorguard, she is so excited, it is starting back in just a few weeks!) Anyway, not only did they give her enough money to buy a sabre, but they did it in a fun unique way! Chase opened her present to find a box with a tag that read "Pull Here Slowly" as she began to pull...out came $1 bills, she pulled, and pulled, and pulled...until she had pulled out $125 one dollar bills!! She was beyond excited...what a fun way to give money!! Thanks Brian, Gerie, Nathan, Hester, Matthew, and Sarah for making Chase's gift so special! Here's a few pictures to see the fun she had!! :)

Chase was certainly blessed with wonderful gifts this year, besides her money and Nook Color, she received 2 dresses, several pairs of earrings, 2 necklaces, a glee CD, and my brother, sister in law, and niece gave her a Six Flags Season Pass!

We had a great time celebrating Chase!! She has been such a joy to us since the day she was born! Tommy and I are so proud of her, and we count it our privilege to be able to celebrate her birthday! We love you Chase and we hope you had a great day!! 
A special thanks to my daughter in law, Hester, who made party favors for all our guests (Chase's friends) I never got a picture of all of them, but here are a few! She did an AWESOME job and all the girls love them!! Thanks Hester for helping to make Chase's 15th birthday party a complete success!! :)