Thursday, March 31, 2011

Our Cruise - Winter Break 2011 (Part 7)

Our last port of call was Progresso, Mexico.  This was added because of our late departure since we were unable to make our original port of Montego Bay, Jamaica...We were pretty disappointed and after hearing alot of people saying that Progresso was not that great, we decided to stay on board this day and take advantage of some of the people being gone, and just laying out, not to mention Chase and I must have went down the water slide 10 times that day! The waterslide was our favorite!! (:

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Our Cruise - Winter Break 2011 (Part 6)

Our second port call was Cozumel, Mexico...this was our 4th day on the cruise! We probably had the most fun this day! We loved all the out at sea days, and really had lots of fun on the ship, but as far as a port call, this was definitely the best day...We didn't port in the same place that our cruise did when Tommy and I had been in Cozumel 16 years earlier, so we didn't recognize much, but it was beautiful!

As I said we didn't do any shore excursions that the ship offered due to budget issues, but we got a taxi (again another fun ride, in Mexico, they don't stop for pedestrians, they just honk and speed on through...makes for an interesting ride!) So, we went to the beach...Tommy and Chase rented snorkeling gear and I took pictures of them, then I put all our stuff in a locker and joined them out in the ocean.  The water there is so blue and so beautiful! I didn't snorkel because I have before and wanted to save the money because as beautiful as it is and as much as I enjoyed it the first time we snorkeled in Cozumel...seeing all the fish swimming around me (especially the HUGE ones) freaks me out a little, so I just swim and don't think about it!! LOL! (:


Can you tell who had the most fun snorkeling??

Cozumel was a good long port call, so we were able to enjoy the beach, snorkeling, and then we even did alittle shopping around town, as well as taking some pictures...All in all it was a great day!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Our Cruise - Winter Break 2011 (Part 5)

Our first port of call was the Grand Cayman Islands.  Tommy and I had been to Grand Caymans on our first cruise about 16 years ago, so it was really neat to go back with Chase and show her the beautiful blue water and to watch her swim at 7 mile beach!

Here we are on the Tenders taking us to shore...windy day!

We didn't do any paid shore excurisions...we stayed within our budget and just checked out the island ourselves, we didn't have alot of time in Grand Caymans, so we basically went to the beach, took some pictures, Chase swam for a little while in the beautiful waters, while Tommy and I stayed on the beautiful sand beaches watching her!

 He appears to be bored, but he had fun!

 The wind was crazy that day, and it was making my hair crazy!!

Here are a couple of random shots Chase took of a boat; and a guy at the beach! :)
I just love that beautiful blue water!

Chase would probably tell you her biggest memory of the Grand Caymans was our crazy taxi driver; she did drive pretty crazy...and she did not want to leave until she had more people...she kept yelling out the window, even after she was driving. "7-mile beach...I take you to 7-mile beach!" It was definitely an interesting ride!! :)