Wednesday, September 29, 2010


While in Wake Forest, Chase attended Heritage Middle School, she was placed in Mr.Yost's 7th grade Science class, until that time Chase was not that interested in science, but Mr. Yost made science fun! Chase joined the science club at Heritage known as Roots and Shoots! Chase began to have a real love for the earth and a passion for recycling! She would drive us crazy, everything had to be recycled and she only wanted to buy things that had been recycled! Mr.Yost definitely had a big impact on Chase that year because of Mr.Yost Chase began to excel in science and now that she is a freshman in high school, she is in Advanced Biology, where she is fortunate to have another teacher who is passionate about recycling, so much in fact, she gives them an opportunity to earn extra credit in her class by taking her recycling to one of the area recycling centers! Sounds easy enough (and it is easy), but only one student out of all her classes has taken her up on the offer! You guessed it!! Chase! She has actually taken Ms. Kee's recycling twice so far this year, and she earned extra credit both times!! All Chase has to do is bring home Ms. Kee's recycling, we take it to the recycling center and make Chase's picture there and she earns her extra credit!! So easy!! =)
Here is Chase last week taking Ms. Kee's recycling!!
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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Foster Care Update

I have had several people asking me about how the process was going with becoming foster parents or if we have any kids yet, so I thought it best to update, so everyone knows what we know!

  • We have completed all our paperwork and our home study has been done!
  • We still have no kids yet because our home is not offically "open" for children yet!
  • I have been emailing about once a week for the past couple of weeks to get status updates!
  • Now we do the hardest part....WAIT!!

The head case manager for Coweta/Meriwether counties did our home study and she did tell me last week, that she had been in alot of meetings the past two weeks, but that they were working diligently to get our home approved for children, so for now that's our update! We wait...

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Our Reason to Celebrate September 11th

September 11, 2001 was a horrific day for America, and even after 9 years it still seems so unbelievable that an attack of that magnitude happened in our country! We, like so many people will never forget where we were on that day or what we were doing when the attacks happened!
And as horrible as that day 9 years ago was, we have reason to celebrate 9/11 in the Worthey family...September 11th is no longer just a day of tragedy in our family, Kinley Kate Worthey was born 3 years ago today on September 11, 2007 and she has given us reason to celebrate this day!! Kinley is our precious granddaughter, she is Nathan & Hester's daughter! Kinley is such a joy to be around, she is so funny and enjoys making people laugh, she hates to wear clothes, and most of the time when she is home she is more than likely not wearing any!! LOL! Kinley is very smart and thinks she can do everything her big brother Jacob can do, and usually at least tries! Kinley is a wonderful addition to our family and we thank God for her, our prayer for Kinley is like with all our grandchildren, we pray that she will grow in grace and knowledge and that one day she will accept Jesus as her Savior and Lord, and that she will spend the rest of her life serving Him!

Happy, Happy Birthday, Kinley Kate!

We love you~ Mimi, Granddaddy, and Aunt Chase

Friday, September 10, 2010

Labor Day Weekend 2010

Labor day weekend was alot of fun this year, we were able to go to the Power's Crossroads Festival, we haven't been since before we moved to Wake Forest, so it was a real treat for us to go! Chase has not been since she was a little, little girl, so she really had a great time!

For my NC friends who may not know about Power's Crossroads Festival, it's a HUGE festival that comes to Newnan every Labor Day weekend, for the past 40 years and it show cases, arts & crafts, food from all kinds of vendors like church groups, civic groups, or whoever, they also have jewerly, and bands come into sing, all 3 of the high school bands in Newnan perform each day, as well as singers, and cloggers, they also have blow up slides, & train rides for the kids, as well as a big 4-H group with chickens and's a great time!

Here are a few more pictures from our day at Power's Crossroads
Chase and Sydni enjoying their Raspberry icee!! =) Tommy enjoying the rest of our Bloomin' Onion
Chase enjoying her ice cream!
Tommy bought me this ring while we were at Power's it is very similar to a ring that he bought me when I was a teenager, they were very popular then and all the girls had one! It is sterling silver and was a bargin at $15

We hope all our Family and Friends had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!! =)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy, Happy Birthday, Kaleb!

Happy 3rd Birthday Kaleb!

Today is our youngest grandsons 3rd birthday! Kaleb is Matthew and Sarah's son. Kaleb is a sweet boy and has brought much joy to our family! Kaleb is definitely all boy!! He loves trucks, cars, and trains! He loves to play outside and get dirty! Kaleb is also a very loving little boy, he loves to cuddle and watch TV, he will even share his kisses (most days)!
We love you Kaleb and our prayer is that God will continue to bless your life and that you will grow in wisdom and knowledge and that one day you will accept Jesus as your Savior and Lord and that you will spend your life serving Him!

Mimi, Granddaddy and Aunt Chase wish we could be in North Carolina to help you celebrate your day, however we hope you have a day that is just as special as you are to us!!

We love you Kaleb! Happy, Happy Birthday!! :)