Sunday, June 27, 2010

Catch Up - Family

There is so much to catch up on! The next few post will be family celebrations, and fun times like our vacation, as well as church activities like VBS! I will try and add post as I can until we are all caught up! Our Internet service is just so slow...that I get very discouraged uploading pics, so I will do my best to get things caught up because I love keeping my blog!

So here's what the Worthey's have been doing the last couple of months!

More updates to come soon!! :)

Heidi's Bday / Father's Day 2010

On June 8th, I (Heidi) celebrated my 42nd birthday! It was a really great day! Tommy and Chase were planning to surprise me with an under the counter TV for the kitchen that I have been wanting, but Tommy wasn't sure which one I wanted, so we went we looked and looked for a good deal, I began to realize that it was alot of money that we just didn't have to spend for a TV, but Tommy assured me that it was OK, then I finally told him if we were gonna spend that kind of money that I would rather have the headboard/foot board for our bedroom suite (We gave Matthew and Sarah our bedroom suite when they got married in 2005 and we bought a new Mission set that I love, but we decided not to purchase the "Bed" at that time because we didn't have room in our townhouse in Wake Forest, so I have really been wanting to get it before the store didn't carry the exact one anymore) Anyway, We decided to make it a combination Birthday gift/Father's Day gift! So that's what we got our bed! And we both love it!! Well Tommy doesn't like the foot board so much, but he loves the bed!! :)
On Father's Day, we had a great time celebrating at Nathan and Hester's house...
I am very thankful for all the men in our family! I am thankful for my dad and all he means to me! I am also very grateful for my wonderful husband, Tommy! He is a great dad and wonderful example before our children, He is also an awesome Granddaddy. I am also very thankful for our 3 boys, they are each amazing dads to their children! And I don't want to leave out my brother, Robert that I love...and also my father in law.

Chase wrote a bio poem about her dad in Literature class this year, so as a special surprise for his office we printed it on scrapbook paper and decorated it and framed it for him!

Vacation Bible School 2010 - Luthersville Baptist Church

VBS this year was amazing, we did Lifeway's Saddle Ridge Ranch! We had such a great time, our VBS directors Allie and Amy did a fantastic job this year as usual! Along with the carpentry skills of Ron Brown everything was great! We also had a great group of volunteers this year and a wonderful group of kids! Each night our count grew and grew! Our biggest night was Thursday night when we had 92 kids! Thank you Lord!! We had a total count that night of 129! And the best part is that 2 of those kids accepted Jesus as their Savior and Lord that night! Praise God!
I could go on and on about our VBS, the entire thing was just amazing! Jeff Slaughter wrote some unbelievable songs (I am still singing them!) I know that the kids went away, knowing that when they have questions and need answers they can ask God!

Here's a slide show of some of the amazing decorations and fun times we had, I hope you enjoy!

I actually have more VBS pictures that I wanted to share..I just don't have them with me now, but I will add more soon!

Mother's Day 2010/Vacation Panama City Beach

I had a wonderful Mother's Day! Tommy and Chase bought me some much needed clothes, Tommy also gave me a beautiful Willow Tree figurine, and Chase gave me a new purse that I love!! However, The best part of Mother's day was that immediately following our church service the three of us jumped in the car and headed for Panama City Beach, FL for vacation! We spent an entire week in a beautiful resort with Nathan, Hester, Jacob, Kinley, and Elyn! We had such a great trip and we are so grateful that Nathan and Hester invited us to come along and share the condo with them!

Here's a slide show of some of our pics!