Saturday, November 28, 2009

Cutting down our Christmas Tree!

Today we went to the Spirit of Christmas tree farm and cut down our Christmas tree!! This has been a tradition of ours for some time! While we were in Wake Forest, in the seminary housing we didn't have much room for a Christmas tree, but we would still go to Lowe's and get as big a tree as possible! As you can imagine we were so excited to be able to go and get a HUGE tree this year!! Tommy, Chase, Mary-Caitlin and I all loaded up in the van and headed to the Christmas tree of the reasons we like this particular Christmas tree farm is because of all the fun things to do! When we first arrived we walked along the Candy cane trail...They have lots of Christmas flags and Nativity scenes, along with other Christmas decorations all along the trail, as we walked along we were able to feed the ducks...actually we just threw the food in the lake, the ducks weren't really interested today, but usually we feed the ducks!! :) Then we walked over to the beautiful waterfall and back up the hill!!

Poor Tommy needed a cane on the Candy Cane Trail~ LOL!!
Chase and Mary held and played with the bunnies!! Now time to go and hunt down the perfect tree!! It actually was a pretty quick process this year!! We found a beautiful 9 1/2 foot Cypress over in the Snowman stop section of the farm!! While the guys were shaking down the tree, putting the netting on and loading it on our van...we were able to enjoy some nice Hot Chocolate and cookies!! Now home to get it up and decorated!! :)

Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving 2009!

Happy Thanksgiving From the Worthey's
We have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving! We had a great time with our family yesterday, we were missing Matthew, Sarah, and the kids, but we were so thankful that Brian and his family were here, along with Nathan and his family! We also had my dad and Tommy's parents over as well!! We had a full house with lots of food and fun!
I have spent most of the month of November saying everyday what I am thankful for on my facebook status! What a wonderful reminder to me of how much I have to be thankful for! For those of you who don't have a facebook page...I will share some of the things I have been thankful for this month as well as what I am thankful for this year!!
  • I am thankful for my Lord and for my salvation!
  • I am thankful for my wonderful husband, who loves me and our children, but most importantly he loves the Lord with all his heart, mind and soul! Thank you Lord for allowing me to share my life with this wonderful Godly man!
  • I am thankful for my boys, my sons, though not by birth, they are my sons just the same!
  • I am thankful for my beautiful daughter, she is the joy of my life!
  • I am thankful for my daughter in laws, I am thankful they are wonderful wives to our boys and great moms to our grandkids!
  • I am thankful for 5 healthy, beautiful grandchildren, 3 amazing boys, and 2 precious girls and I am so thankful to have another little granddaughter, who is due in March!
  • I am thankful for our beautiful new home...The Lord was so gracious to provide us with this wonderful home!
  • I am thankful for our new church home! The Lord has truly blessed! Tommy has been obedient to the Lord's calling and He is truly blessing his ministry at LBC
  • I am thankful that my husband and I celebrated 15 wonderful years together this week, he is the love of my life and I am truly thankful we asked me to be his wife!
  • I am thankful for my friends, whether new friends or old friends, whether here or far away I am thankful the Lord placed each of you in our life!
  • I am also so thankful for all the little things in life that we take for granted! :) Like the sunshine and the rain!
  • I am thankful for being able to get up each day!
  • I am thankful to be a wife and mom
  • I am thankful that we have all we need and even things that we just want!
  • I am thankful for the Lord's provision in our life! What a faith builder, to just be able to watch how the Lord provides for our every need!
  • I am thankful for the little baby I keep...Matthew, what a blessing he is to me! He is growing so fast and I am just so blessed to be part of his life!

I could go on and on about all the many blessing the Lord has given us this year, but I will end here. Everything we have from our health, to our house, and even our cars and our lawn mover comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth and I thank Him and praise Him for all he has done in our life!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Mary Caitlin - Our "New Daughter"

You will probably hear me mention Mary Caitlin, or you have already seen her pictures on here or on Facebook! Or maybe you have seen us lately and you know that Mary Caitlin is with us quite often!! Mary Caitlin is the daughter of my best friend growing up (and still my best friend) Michelle Moody...Michelle and I have been as close as sisters for as long as I can friends do we went thru times that we didn't talk as often or we were busy with our own lives and families, but we have always been there for each other! Like I said we are as close as sisters, her daughters and sons are my nieces and nephews just as if we were blood related!! And she feels the same about Chase! Like Chase, Mary Caitlin has moved back to the Newnan area after being gone for alittle while and so Michelle thought it would be good for Mary and Chase to hang out some...well now we can't get rid of her!! LOL! Just kidding! We don't want her to go anywhere...We love having her here! She has become an important part of our family and we love her dearly!! :) She makes us all laugh like we have never laughed before, her laugh is definitely contagious! Her favorite thing to do is sneak around and scare me and Uncle Tommy, she gets the biggest kick out of scaring us! Mostly me!! So don't be surprised if you see her on our Christmas cards!! :) Like the title of this post says, she is like our new daughter!!

Nathan even asked the other day...if he had a new sister!! :)

I have already added a couple of pictures to the sidebar...but I wanted you to see Mary Caitlin, so here are a few pics of her and some of her and Chase!!

Chase sporting her eyepatch after scratching her eye!! They were walking in the woods and a tree limb hit her!! :) YIKES!! She's much better now!! :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Happy Anniversary Nathan and Hester!

November 2nd Nathan and Hester celebrated 8 years of marriage! What a blessing Hester has been to our family! We are so thankful for a wonderful son and his beautiful wife! They have a beautiful family together and we are looking so forward to March when they will be adding another little girl to the Worthey family!!
Nathan emailed Tommy and I asking if we could keep Jacob and Kinley over the weekend so that he and Hester could get away by themselves for their anniversary! Of course we jumped at the chance to have our own alone time with the kiddos!! So this past weekend Jacob and Kinley spent the weekend at Granddaddy and Mimi's house!! We put up Chase's old bunkbeds that Tommy built for her when she was just 3 and then we went to Target and bought boy sheets for one bed and girl sheets for the other bed!! This was the perfect opportunity to get the grandkids room finished! We were just so excited to have them here...I was able to motivate Granddaddy to get some work done at the house before they came!! Kinley loved her bed and slept on the bottom bunk, but Jacob decided that the top bunk was just alittle scary and that maybe when he is 5, he will sleep there!! He was too funny!! Hester said he thinks he will be able to do so much when he is 5!!
Here are a few pictures from our weekend: Kinley loved playing in Matthew's swing! And Jacob had fun working out with Granddaddy!! :)This is Jacob and Kinley at the Country Festival in Lone OakAnd here they are all ready to go to church and hear Granddaddy preach!!

Thanks Nathan and Hester for letting us spend the weekend with Jacob and Kinley! We had a great time!! :)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Trick or Treat 2009

We had a great Halloween weekend!! We started on Friday trick or treating with Billy and his Pre-K class in downtown Newnan (that was a wonderful tradition that we started with Chase her very first Halloween and we did every year until we moved to Wake Forest!) We had a great time and Billy was so cute in his Superman costume!!
Friday night, LBC had it's Big Fall Festival...Nathan, Hester, Jacob and Kinley all came down. Jacob was so cute in his Fireman outfit and Kinley was a precious little Piggy!! And our friends Adam and Dana came with their two boys Jordan and Justin!! :) Justin won the costume contest for his age group! (even though I told the judges what costumes my grandkids were wearing lol! ) Brian and Billy were there too and Monica and Taylor and Marla and Katie Beth all showed up as well!! We had a great turn out from the whole community!! We had approximately 220 people!! I even went down the giant slide!! Luckily no one had a camera to catch it on film LOL!! :)

Chase was in charge of face painting...Mary Caitlin ended up with some kind of Alien pumpkin...LOL!!

Prince Caspain aka Jordan and the Dragon he slayed aka Justin :)

Unfortuantely, we only got to see Hannah and Kaleb thru pictures this year, they are in Texas, but they had a fun Halloween as well! Hannah was Hannah Montana this year and Kaleb was a cute little Chicken...we missed having them here with us, but are so grateful for the pictures to be able to see them all dressed for Halloween! :)