Friday, July 24, 2009

Roll Call

My friend Tara, did a roll call of her blog awhile back and I thought it was a great idea, so I am stealing her idea!! I love keeping up with this blog. For me, it is almost like an online history book for our family, where I can record events that happen. When my memory fails and I can't remember what we did or a fun time we spent with Chase or our grandchildren, I'll always be able to look back. We've only had this blog for less than a year, but I already love the record that it has been for our family. Our time in Wake Forest, Tommy's graduation from Southeastern, Tommy being called as Pastor of Luthersville Baptist Church, the announcement of our 6th grandbaby on the way...This blog holds so many of our precious memories!! And I love hearing from you! I love reading your comments and hearing how our life is similar or different from yours. And it dawned on me that there are more of you out there than I know of! I received 3 comments on my last post, but according to my site meter alot more people that I had no idea of are reading our blog. So, I thought it'd be fun to do a little roll call.... If you are reading our blog, would you do something for me?

1. Click on the link "comments" at the bottom of this post.
2. In the "Leave a comment" box, write your first name and where you live.
3. You can then choose a blogger ID (if you have a blog), Anonymous, or Name.
4. Then click "Publish comment." It's that easy and I look forward to seeing who all is out there!

Let's have a roll call, everybody!!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

VBS ~ Paul and The Underground Church

We had VBS this week at Luthersville Baptist Church!! What an awesome week we have had!! Our VBS this year was Paul and the Underground Church...Amy, our VBS director told me she likes this type of VBS better than the themed ones because the bible comes to life for the kids!! WOW!! Was she right!! Our sanctuary was turned into a market place in Rome, several different shops, a candy shop, a toga shop, a pottery shop, a weaving shop, a wreath shop, a candle shop, a carpentry shop, and a farmer's market! Paul's house was at the edge of the city, he was there chained to Brutus a Roman guard and he was there writing letters to the Romans, each group of kids would visit Paul and he would tell them what he was writing, and then they would sneak away from the Roman guards and head to the underground church where the Christians were hiding! They had to complete the fish sign in the sand before being allowed entrance into the cave! In the cave they would share what Paul had told them, so that the Christians in the underground church, that couldn't get to Paul could know what Paul was saying!! If the kids weren't with Paul or if they weren't in the cave, they were in the market place, they were given money each night to spend in the market place for food, and any of the shops they wanted to visit!! They made yo-yos in the carpentry shop, candles in the candle shop, wreaths, and togas, pottery, and they also weaved headbands and bracelets!! At the farmer's market they have been able to eat rat on a stick (beef jerky), snake on a stick (chicken), lizard skin (pickles), and other tasty Roman food!! And if they weren't in the market place they were enjoying cool Roman games, my favorite was chariot racing!! Along with all the fun shops in the market place, there were also fun skits every night, Senator Addictus liked to remind everyone how important he was and enjoyed people kissing his ring!! Ambassdor Amicus started VBS each night letting the kids know what we would be learning that night, she also closed the evening out reviewing with the kids what they had learned!! The songs were also an awesome time at the beginning and ending of each night...I have been singing them all week, whether we were at VBS or not!!
We have averaged about 45 to 50 kids each night, so including all the adults we have had approx. 100 people at VBS each night! We didn't have any professions of faith that we know of, but we know that seeds have been planted and we can't wait to see what the Lord is going to do!!
Here is a slideshow of pictures from this week!!
A special Thank you to all those involved in VBS from construction to instruction!! You all did a great job!!

More Pics from our visit with Matthew, Sarah, and the Kids!!

Besides going to Six Flags, we didn't have much planned for Matthew, Sarah, and the kids visit...we haven't seen them in such a long time, we were more interested in just hanging out and playing with the kids!! Nathan, Hester, Jacob, and Kinley came down on Saturday and spent the day with us...The kids were able to play together, it was so nice watching the cousins playing together, and on Sunday Matthew and Sarah went to spend the night with Brian and Gerie, so Billy came over and was able to spend the night with us too!! After Kaleb went to bed, Billy and Hannah had fun playing with the Wii (unfortuantely the battery was dead in my camera, so I didn't get any pictures of that) but they had a great time mostly bowling!!
Here are some cute pictures we snapped over the week they were here:
We gave her a blanket I promise!!

All the kids love to climb inside the sphere:

And this tunnel is one of the best purchases I have ever made!! The kids love it!!

The kids were able to just relax and have fun after over a week at the beach!!

Granddaddy turned up the stereo and we found out Hannah and Kaleb had moves we had never seen before!!! :)

Saturday, while Jacob and Kinley were at Granddaddy and Mimi's house, the 3 younger kids got in the bathtub...They had so much fun playing in the tub with their cousins...No one except Jacob would look up, they were having too much fun!! :)

Here are a few shots I got of Hannah and Kaleb this week at Granddaddy and Mimi's house!!

Hannah trying not to smile...It didn't work!!

Who wouldn't want to wake up to this every day?? uhhh??...Hannah and Chase maybe!!

Everybody wants Mommy!!

Thanks Matthew, Sarah, Hannah, and Kaleb for coming and staying with us, we had so much...We can't wait to see you again soon!! We love you all so much!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Matthew, Sarah and the kids come for a visit!!

We were so excited to have Matthew, Sarah, Hannah, and Kaleb come for a visit this past week!! We had so much fun just hanging out and spending time with them...Matthew came to NC the end of February to help us move, but we haven't seen Sarah and the kids since July of last year, when we went to Texas to help them move! So we were very excited to have this week to spend with them!! As you know from my last posts...We were able to all get together and have a family picture made, I was so happy with how the picture turned out! It was even better than I hoped for!! On Thursday, Gerie came over and watched Kaleb for us, while we all went to Six Flags!! We had a great time and lots of fun as usual, but it was even more special for Tommy and I because this was the first time that we had gone to a major theme park of any kind with one of our grandkids, and how fitting it was to be with our oldest granddaughter Hannah! Hannah is 6 years old, the perfect age to start enjoying Six Flags and she really had a great time!! Tommy, Chase, Matthew, and Sarah were excited about the roller coasters, so I told them to go ahead and ride some things while Hannah and Mimi headed to Bugs Bunny World!! Hannah rode a couple of rides and then we went to the Looney Tunes show...Hannah kept seeing the sky buckets go across and wanted to ride them, so we took off to the other side of the park on the sky buckets, she didn't see anything that she wanted to do there, so we just rode the sky buckets back...We caught up with the rest of the family and headed to do some things all together...Matthew and Hannah rode the Batman swings, and they all rode the Shake, Rattle, and Roll...Mimi sat that one out!! Matthew, Sarah, and Hannah headed back to Bugs Bunny world to ride the Looney Tunes coaster...while Tommy, Chase, and I rode the Goliath!! I didn't get to ride it last time we were at Six Flags because I got a major cramp in my leg!! WOW!! What a ride!! It was awesome!! Goliath is now my new favorite roller coaster!! After that...Hannah, Chase and Sarah spent some time at Skull Island (the water park) while Tommy, Matthew, and I went to see a show at the Crystal Pistol...Then we met back up, Granddaddy and Mimi took Hannah to ride some more stuff, while Matthew, Sarah and Chase went to ride the Goliath!! Matthew got alittle scared!! But he survived!! What a fun day!! Thanks Gerie for watching Kaleb, so that we could spend the day with Matthew, Sarah, and Hannah at Six Flags!! I know Kaleb had a blast hanging out with Aunt Gerie and his cousin Billy!!
Here is a slide show of our day at Six Flags:

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


After we had our family picture made today...we all went to Burger King to eat before church! When we finished eating we were all sitting around talking when Jacob came up to me and said "Mimi...Mommy has a baby in her tummy, for real!" So I said she does...then it was like a light bulb moment...And I said "Mommy has a baby in her tummy!!" So I asked Hester did Jacob just give something away and Hester and Nathan just laughed and said "yes, he was suppose too!!" Jacob is such a sweet big brother, his little pet name for Kinley is "gee" and I asked him if he wanted a little brother or another little sister and he said "I want another gee!! I want another gee just like Kinley!" So sweet!!

We are so excited and proud to announce that we are expecting our 6th grandbaby!!

Here are our five grandchildren today, soon to be six!!

Congratulations Nathan and Hester...We are so excited for you and for us!!

Our Family Picture!!

We have not had a professional family portrait made since before the boys started getting since before 2001!! And now that we have 5 grandchildren, I really wanted to get us all together and have a Worthey family picture! However, with us in North Carolina and Matthew and his family in Texas...we just never got around to it. Well, we are home now and so when Matthew told us that they were coming for a visit this week, Hester and I started planning a way for us to get our portrait made! After alot of changing everyones schedule around we were finally able to get a date together...Chase was the good Aunt and she babysat Jacob and Kinley, so that Hester and I could go shopping and we put together the outfits for the picture! I think it turned out great!!

We had our pictures done at Portrait Innovations and I just couldn't be happier with the results...We got some great shots, our biggest problem was trying to decide which pictures to buy!! Thank you Brian, Gerie, Nathan, Hester, Matthew, and Sarah for changing your schedules all around so that we could do this picture...I am just thrilled with the pictures! Thank you all so much!! :)

I am so thankful for my husband and our family...God has truly blessed us beyond measure!!