Monday, November 29, 2010

Cutting down the Christmas Tree

We always have a real tree at Christmas, that is one of our traditions that we all love! We go to the Christmas tree farm and cut down our own tree! This year Chase not only picked out the best tree, she was determined to be the one to saw it down! Now keep in mind we have high ceilings, so we get a 10 ft + tree every year! So this was no easy task, but I am proud to announce that Chase did indeed cut down the tree, she got alittle assistance from her daddy at one point, but she can honestly say she cut the tree down all by herself this year!! :)

Tommy is a proud daddy! :) He's saying "She did it!"

Chase's friend Autumn joined us at the Christmas Tree Farm this year!

Me and My Honey! :)

Here are a few pics of us trimming the tree :)

These turned out a little blurry with the lights, but it's still pretty! :)

Thanksgiving 2010

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving! It was very low key this year, but we were thankful that Tommy's parents were able to come and enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with us!

Thanksgiving day was also mine and Tommy's 16th Wedding Anniversary, so we have alot to be thankful for this year!

As I said our Thanksgiving was rather low key this year, but Chase and I did snap a couple of pictures of just us! :)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Grandparent's Day @ Billy's School

Today was a really fun treat for Tommy and I, we were invited to Grandparent's day at Billy's school! Billy is in Kindergarten at the Heritage School, this was our first time to attend Grandparent's day at school, so we were very excited to go and share this time with Billy! This is Billy's first year at the Heritage School, he is doing really well in school and seems to really like his teacher and all his fellow classmates. Tommy and I arrived at the school about 8:30a, we met up with Billy's parents (our son Brian, and our daughter in law Gerie) our first stop was the Student Life Center, they had a beautiful table set up with donuts, bagels, all kinds of different breads, along with coffee, and juice! After we had our coffee and pastries, we heard alittle of the history of how The Heritage School was started...2010 marks the schools 40th anniversary! The 3 families who founded the school were in attendance today! We also heard from 2 Seniors at the school, one who has only been at Heritage for 2 years, and one who has been at Heritage her whole school career, both had wonderful things to say about their experiences at Heritage and the wonderful atomsphere of the school! Next was the Music Program each grade performed at least one song...The theme for Grandparent's day was a Halloween kind of theme...our invitation said Come for a Monstrously good time with your grandchildren! So all the songs were kept within that theme...Billy's class, along with the other Kindergarten class sang "Flying Purple People Eater!" They all did a really great job, Tommy and I had a really good time! After the music program we were able to go to Billy's classroom, Billy's teacher made a DVD of all the kids saying how grandparents made them feel and then had pictures of each child with each of their grandparents! It was really sweet, and the teacher made a copy of the DVD for all of us! Billy said "Grandparents make him feel happy" You make us extremely happy, Billy!! Our last stop was to go to the book fair! That was fun! Billy headed straight for the Star Wars books, Granddaddy and I couldn't resist buying Billy a couple of books! :)) Since it was Grandparent's day, Billy was able to leave early, so we all headed out for lunch, we had a great time spending our day with Brian, Gerie, and Billy! (and Thanks for buying Brian!! We appreciate and love you and Gerie so much!!)

Here are a few pictures we took at Billy's school today:
Today was one of those priceless days that we will forever cherish! Thanks for inviting us to share Grandparent's day with you Billy!! Granddaddy and Mimi had a great time!! We love you very much and we are so proud of all you are doing and learning at school! Keep up the good work!