Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Happy, Happy Birthday to Autumn!

For those of you who have not had the privilege to meet Autumn, she has become Chase's best and dearest friend since we have moved back to Newnan from Wake Forest! They met in the 8th grade and have become dear friends! As Autumn celebrates her 17th birthday today! I just wanted to do a blog post to let her know how much she means to all of us!

Over the last year or more Autumn and Chase's friendship has really deepened, and not just between Chase and Autumn, Tommy and I have come to love Autumn like a daughter! Autumn has definitely shown the kind of friend she is to Chase these last 3 months, she has been the friend that has been here when Chase couldn't even get out of bed! Autumn was right here laying in bed with her, watching movies, talking, spending quality time together. Autumn has even been there to drive Chase to physical therapy, and take care of Chase at her house, so that Chase could spend the night away from home! We love you so much Autumn!! I see you and Chase being life long friends and I couldn't be happier!
Thank you Autumn for your friendship to Chase and for all you mean to me and Tommy as well! We hope you have a great day!! Here are a couple more of my favorite pictures of her and Chase! We have so many to chose from, but some of my favorites are from their Chorus trip to New York City!!

Happy Birthday, Autumn!! We love you!!

Monday, March 11, 2013

It's been awhile

It has definitely been awhile since I have been posting on our blog! As a matter of fact, the last post I made was that Chase made Georgia All-State Chorus, her Sophomore year! We went to Savannah for her rehearsals and she performed with the All-State Chorus at the Savannah Civic Center and since that post, she has made Georgia All-State Chorus again and again we spent a week in Savannah as Chase rehearsed and sang in the Senior Mixed Chorus at the Savannah Civic Center! There have been SO many things going on in between those concerts! We celebrated Chase's Sweet 16 with a Big party (I will post pictures later) Chase is now a junior in high school, actually just about to complete her junior year! Chase has had many opportunities this year, she interned at one of the local elementary schools in the music department. Chase was inducted into the National Honor Society, the International Thespian Society, Tri-M, as well as the Future Educators Association!

In December 2012, Chase fell down a flight of stairs at the Dessert Cabaret at her high school and broke her fibula, her ankle bone also moved too far away from her tibia, so she had surgery about 5 days after her fall. She now has a plate and 9 screws! This all happened on December 14th, today is March 11, 2013 and after weeks in bed, weeks in a wheelchair, and weeks walking in a boot, she is finally starting to see light at the end of the tunnel! She has been in physical therapy since the second week of January and her physical therapist is hopeful that Chase will be out of her boot by next week! Finally!! :) She still has a month or more of physical therapy, but we are almost at the end of this long journey!

It's been a crazy, busy, lonnng 3 months, but we know that God works all things for our good! Even though this has been a traumatic experience for Chase and for all of us, she has shown so much maturity, she has never complained or grumbled about her circumstances, she continues to smile and share the love of Christ! This experience though painful has drawn the 3 of us closer than we have been in sometime! We have bonded even closer to each other! And we are thankful for this time that we have all had to slow down and spend time caring for each other...Of course Tommy and I cared for Chase, but we also cared for one another, and now Chase so willingly does things for us showing us her gratitude for all we did while she was laid up! *Tears* I don't mean to brag too much we had our days!! But as I look back I can truly say that God was working all things for our good!!

During her days in the wheelchair Chase was invited to go on a Chrysalis Flight, she was able to spend 3 days at a Christian retreat with other girls her age. The main focus of the weekend was to spend time with Christ, to strengthen her relationship with the Lord and to draw nearer to Him, as she learned to deepen and strengthen her faith! Chase came home as you can imagine on the mountain top, and she is still very excited about her faith and her relationship with Christ!

Well, I have bragged on my daughter and our family enough for one night! I hope to find the time to starting blogging again! I updated some of our pictures on the sidebar, but I will try and upload some pictures soon!

Thanks for listening!


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Chase made All-State Chorus!

My next big news today is that Chase made All-State Chorus!! This is quite an accomplishment and Tommy and I are so proud of her!! Chase had All-State Auditions back on October 15, 2011 and we just found out the results today, and she made it!! This is a huge honor, this chorus is made up of high school chorus students all across the state of Georgia, so as you can imagine only a select few from each school are chosen! During her audition, she was judged on a solo, singing her scales, sight reading, as well as a written test she took on musical terms, I am sure I am leaving something out, but needless to say Chase did very well!! We are so excited for her! Now she has to learn her music and in February during her winter break we will spend 3 days in Savannah, GA for her to rehearse with some of the top choral directors from all over the state, and then they will have a performance on our last evening there!

Here is a picture of Chase as we were headed to All-State Auditions!

Nathan and Hester Celebrate 10 years of Marriage

Well, as you can probably tell I have been working hard to get my blog up to date, I have been especially busy today, because I have 2 wonderful things to blog about that are happening on today's date, and even though I got several blogs caught up, I still have more catching up to do, but I didn't want this day to pass by without blogging about these 2 important events!!

This post is to wish Nathan and Hester a Happy 10th Anniversary!! 10 years ago today, our son Nathan married the love of his life, a wonderful woman that Tommy and I are so proud to call our daughter in law! They have a wonderful marriage and 3 beautiful children that are wonderful blessing to them and our entire family! We love you, Nathan and Hester! Congratulations on 10 years of Wedded Bliss and wishing you many, many more years to come!

Kaleb and Kinley turn 4

~Saturday, September 3, 2011

September is a big birthday month in the Worthey family, but the 2 that I am putting in the spotlight today is Kaleb and Kinley! Kaleb is our youngest grandson, he is Matthew's son (Matthew's birthday is on September 17th) Kaleb has gotten into Volcanos and so his party was a you guessed it a Volcano party! Since they live in NC, we don't get to see them as often as we would like, but here are a few pictures I got from Sarah of Kaleb's 4th birthday!

Kinley is our precious granddaughter, she is the oldest daughter of our son Nathan (Nathan's birthday is also in September, he was born on September 23rd) Kinley turned 4 years old on September 11th.  They live in Cumming now, so we don't see them as often as we would like either, but at least they are only and hour and a half away and we were able to go up on Thursday evening September the 8th and help celebrate Kinley's 4th birthday at Chuck E Cheese! She had so many friends from school come and help her celebrate and they all had so much fun playing all the games, and having pizza and birthday cake!
We love Kinley and Kaleb so much and we are so proud to be their Grandaddy and Mimi
Happy Birthday! We love you both! ~ Grandaddy and Mimi

First Football game of the Season

~Thursday, August 25, 2011

Chase was so excited for Marching Season to get underway this year, she loves Colorguard so much and this year, she was not only spinning her flag, but she also made the weapons line, which means she will be spinning the rifle and the sabre!

Here are a few pics from the first game of the season

Here's some pictures of the performance, there is one I know you can see Chase, but my camera is still having technical difficulties

After the performance, Chase loves that feeling of being on the field!! :)

Destiny's 4th Birthday

~ Saturday, August 20, 2011

I couldn't let this day go by (even though I am just catching up the blog) I still couldn't let this day go by without saying a Happy Birthday to Destiny! As many of you know, Destiny is the little girl who stayed with us for almost 4 months while we were doing foster care. Unfortuantely we had no other choice but to close our home to DFACS because of a particular case worker, Valerie Walters was putting the rights and needs of the biological parents far above the needs and safety of the children in her care, Destiny being one of them, so we felt we had no choice, but to close our home!

On August 20th Destiny turned 4 years old, Destiny and I had talked many times about having her a big fun birthday party, she had never had one before, so I was so excited, and as you can imagine she was so excited too, she asked me everyday if that day was her birthday party! I hope that where ever she is now, that she was able to celebrate her birthday like a 4 year should!! We love you Destiny and we will never forget the time we had with you!!

Grandkids Starting School

~Wednesday, August 17, 2011

5 out of 6 of our grandkids started school this year...I'll start with Jacob and Kinley since they both started today August 17th...Jacob started Kindergarten and Kinley started Pre-K, Billy started 1st grade on August 18th, and Hannah started 3rd grade on August 25th and Kaleb started Pre-K on the same day! WOW! They are growing up so fast! and again I have no pics! Sorry!! :(
Grandaddy and Mimi are so proud of our grandkids and all they are learning! They are all 5 doing really good in school this year, and we are very proud of them!

Trip to Matthew and Sarah's House

~ Monday, August 15, 2011

The week of the 15th I went and spent a week with Matthew, Sarah, and the kids! I had a wonderful time with them (as usual). Matthew cooked me a wonderful steak sandwich while I was there, and Sarah and I tried out one of my Weight Watcher casseroles that I had been wanting to make! Kaleb is getting so big and starting to become alot more out going! The first day I got there Sarah and Hannah both had dentist appts, so after she picked me up from the airport, she just had to drop me and Kaleb off at the house and then she left, I have to say I was afraid he wouldn't want to stay with me because it usually takes a little bit for him to warm up to me when I haven't seen him in a while, but much to my surprise he was happy to stay with me and he loves to watch (not play) but watch others play Monkey Balls on the Game Cube...Mimi however doesn't know anything about video games, the Wii I love...I could play Wii games all day, but the others with all the buttons and moves, I have no clue!! So as I was attempting to play Monkey Balls, Kaleb kept grabbing my face and saying "Mimi Don't let them fall!!!" Then when I was doing good, he was jumping up and down saying "Go Mimi Go!!" It was so funny! Unfortuantely, this is one of the times my camera was not working, so I have no pictures, but I had a wonderful week with Hannah and Kaleb! They are such a joy! I loved hanging out with Matthew and Sarah too!! Thanks for letting me spend the week with you guys! I love you all! :)

Chase First Day of School - Sophomore Year

~ Monday, August 8, 2011

Chase started her Sophomore year of high school this year...I can't believe it!! Where has the time gone? It's seems just like yesterday, I was taking her to Mom's morning out 1 day a week! Chase is such a joy, and I love her more and more with each passing year! I love being her mom and I am so thankful for the wonderful young woman she is. Chase loves the Lord, she loves her parents, she loves her family and friends, and she LOVES music and colorguard...those are her 2 biggest passions!!

Here are a few pictures from her First day as a Sophomore!

Close up of the her new backpack

 Chase with our traditional First Day of School sign!

Close up of the sign
Our traditional First Day of School Breakfast at Waffle House! :)

...and there she goes our beautiful Sophomore girl!! :)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Beach Trip 2011

~ Thursday, August 4, 2011

As I mentioned in my last post, when Nathan and Hester picked up Jacob, Kinley and Elyn from our house, they were headed to the beach! They had graciously invited us to come along with them, so Billy was picked up Wednesday evening and we headed out bright and early Thursday morning to spend a few days with Nathan, Hester and the kids on the beach in Gulf Shores! Hester said the way the condo was set up we would have enough beds for Chase to invite a friend along, so Payton joined us on our last trip before school started back that Monday!

We had a fun ride to the beach, as usual when we set out on a long car ride, we stopped at Cracker Barrel for a big breakfast! I got a picture of the three red shirts! :)

Tommy and I enjoyed a nice ride for most of the way down because as you can see Chase and Payton spent most of their time with these in their ears! We could talk about them and they didn't even know it!! :)

We had a great time with Nathan, Hester and the kids as usual! We went out to eat, spent most of our time at the pool because the ocean and beach were covered in jellyfish, but we love the pool! Payton and Chase played racquetball several nights, and Nathan and Jacob enjoyed some putt-putt golf! Us girls all headed out on our last day their to the outlet malls! Chase got a hat, sunglasses, and an Alabama T-shirt! Payton got a pair of sunglasses, and a cute T-shirt and Kinley got a new purse!! :) Chase and Payton kept the kids one night, so that the adults could go on a double date! I got some cute pictures of Elyn when we got home...Hester had her laughing so hard, I wish it was a video! It was too precious!

and here are a couple of pics the morning we left!! I don't know if you noticed, but Chase and Payton planned out their traveling attire ahead of time...on the way to the beach they both had on their red Ron Jon t-shirts and on the way home, they are both wearing their Bass Pro Shop t-shirts!! :)

We had a great 4 days at the beach, we have never been to Gulf Shores before, but it was exactly what we needed before coming home and starting school on Monday!! :) Thanks Nathan and Hester for letting us tag along with you guys again this year! We love you!

Monday, October 10, 2011

4 grandkids for 4 days!! (con't)

~ Monday, Aug 1, 2011

After a fun filled day outside playing all kinds of water games, we had a fun night planned as well.  Elyn was kind too worn out to hang in with us, so we laid her down for the night and while Aunt Chase and I were setting everything up, Grandaddy took all the kids into our room and read them a story. When Aunt Chase and I were ready we told the kids that we were going to the movies!! (Of course Jacob's first question was who was going to stay with Elyn? He's such a good big brother, but I assured him she would be fine!) I explained that we were going to a special movie theatre called the "Worthey Theatre", then we led the kids out into the kitchen where Aunt Chase had the Concession stand set up, I gave everyone their money, and they were able to purchase a ticket for the movie, a bag of popcorn, a drink, and some candy...The kids continued on to the ticket taker aka Grandaddy, then they found their seats in the theatre and waited patiently for the movie to begin...

Our Feature Presentation for the evening was Yogi Bear

We were actually suppose to have a "Drive In Movie Night", but I couldn't find 3 boxes big enough for the kids to fit in, but hopefully we can do that again in the future...my plan was to add wheels and headlights to the box with paper plates, Aunt Chase was going to add their names to the back of the "cars" and our plan was to let them decorate their cars before the movie, but like I said it didn't work out, but we all a great time anyway and since we had a longer night than usual, the kiddos were ready for bed when the movie was over!! 

On Tuesday. we tried heading out early for the park, (it was so hot the days the kids were here, we thought if we went early that it wouldn't be too bad) We went to a park in Hogansville, a park that is usually empty, but it's a really nice park and it has a pavilion for a perfect place for a picnic, so we took our lunch supplies with us!!

When we got to the park, the kids went immediately to play and I headed over to put our supplies under the pavilion...I had barely gotten over to the pavilion when I see Jacob and Billy heading over, so I asked if they were already hungry and they both responded "We are so HOT!" So they got a drink and headed back to play! We got the picnic set up, everyone ate really quickly and we got back in the Tahoe as fast as we could!! I couldn't believe how HOT it was, so we drove around with the A/C on full blast (My daughter in law, Hester calls our Tahoe The Artic Bus, but this day is was so nice!!)

Grandaddy was able to get a few pictures while we were at the park, I had really wanted one of all 4 of the kids together, the park has this cool slide that has 4 slides together, but it was way to hot to make the kids do a "photo shoot", so Grandaddy just walked around and took some pics as the kids played!

Chase was such a big help all 4 days the kids were here, and the kids loved having Aunt Chase to play with...
After we left the park we drove around a bit enjoying the A/C, but Chase had colorguard practice that evening, so we took her to practice, then took the kids to Burger King, so that they could play in the cool, we had dinner then back to get Chase from practice!

On Wednesday, we played games around the house and played the Wii quite a bit, we had to get the kids stuff together because Nathan and Hester were coming in the early afternoon to get their 3 kids because they were picking them up and heading straight from our house to the beach! Brian and Gerie's flight was not coming in until later, so we had Billy all day on Wednesday and he had a great time, beating Grandaddy on the Wii, not to mention a new game Grandaddy started by hitting Jacob and Billy with a little blow up ball! They loved teaming up against Grandaddy!! :)

We had a wonderful 4 days with 4 of our grandkids!! Thank you Brian, Gerie, Nathan, and Hester for letting the kids stay with us!