Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Trip to Matthew and Sarah's House

~ Monday, August 15, 2011

The week of the 15th I went and spent a week with Matthew, Sarah, and the kids! I had a wonderful time with them (as usual). Matthew cooked me a wonderful steak sandwich while I was there, and Sarah and I tried out one of my Weight Watcher casseroles that I had been wanting to make! Kaleb is getting so big and starting to become alot more out going! The first day I got there Sarah and Hannah both had dentist appts, so after she picked me up from the airport, she just had to drop me and Kaleb off at the house and then she left, I have to say I was afraid he wouldn't want to stay with me because it usually takes a little bit for him to warm up to me when I haven't seen him in a while, but much to my surprise he was happy to stay with me and he loves to watch (not play) but watch others play Monkey Balls on the Game Cube...Mimi however doesn't know anything about video games, the Wii I love...I could play Wii games all day, but the others with all the buttons and moves, I have no clue!! So as I was attempting to play Monkey Balls, Kaleb kept grabbing my face and saying "Mimi Don't let them fall!!!" Then when I was doing good, he was jumping up and down saying "Go Mimi Go!!" It was so funny! Unfortuantely, this is one of the times my camera was not working, so I have no pictures, but I had a wonderful week with Hannah and Kaleb! They are such a joy! I loved hanging out with Matthew and Sarah too!! Thanks for letting me spend the week with you guys! I love you all! :)

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