Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Way to Go Jacob!!

Friday night we were able to go to Jacob's T-ball game and he did such a good job...He ran and got the ball almost everytime it was hit and when his team was up to bat he got several good hits!! Because of the great job he did Friday night he was awarded the game ball!! Granddaddy and Mimi are so proud of you Jacob!! And we are so glad we were able to be at the game that night!!

Jacob with the Game Ball
Great Job Jacob!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Guitar Heroes ~ Real Heroes!!

As you all know Chase has 3 older brothers, who she thinks hung the moon!! Chase loves her brothers!! They are and have always been her heroes!! This year will be 8 years ago that her brothers started getting married...Brian married Gerie in June 2001...Nathan married Hester in November 2001...and Matthew married Sarah in July 2005!! So as you can imagine the girls have been a huge part of Chase's life...She loves them like sisters!! And the older she gets the closer she gets to them!! And of course they have all made her an Aunt 5 times over now!! Chase absolutely loves being an Aunt!:) She loves her nieces and nephews with all her heart! I said all that to say that this year for Chase's birthday (since it was kinda a big birthday) they all went in together and got her a big gift!! Something she has been wanting for awhile...You guessed it!! Guitar Hero for the Wii ~~

Matthew and Sarah live in Texas so they weren't able to be here to see Chase open it and with Brian's work schedule, we weren't able to get together with everyone...we did go to Sonic with Nathan, Hester, and Jacob and had a semi celebration!!
Chase has had lots of fun since Friday playing with her Guitar Hero game, but you guys will always be her Real Heroes!!

Chase thinks YOU ROCK!!!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Party, Party, Party

Let me begin by saying Sorry Julie...We did not have a Twilight party!! But I hope you will enjoy reading about our celebration anyway!:) Chase changed her mind several times about what the theme of her party should be...which I have found that seems to be a common theme for 13th birthdays for girls, that they change their minds quite often before the big day!! Chase had mentioned the Twilight theme and a few things that we had planned to do to a couple of girls at school and they didn't seem excited so Chase was afraid that they wouldn't have a good time!! We originally started with an American Idol theme, but nobody wanted to sing, they all just wanted to be the judges, and that's when we switched to the Twilight theme....so since she was unsure about that I managed to convince her that I knew a little, mind you just a little about what teenage girls might like!! So she took a leap of faith and decided to trust me!!! We didn't really have a theme, we decorated with some of Chase's favorite colors...Orange, Yellow, Pink, Green, and Bright Blue...We ate first...Tommy grilled up some great hot dogs and we had chips and lots of soda, water, and capri sun!! Then it was on to the games!! We started with the game Who Am I?? It is alot of fun!! I printed out some "famous/well known names" and pinned them to their backs and they had to go around asking Yes or No questions trying to figure out who they were...It was alot of fun!! Chase Won!! Next we played the purse game...I called out random things and kept score of how many girls had the things in their purse...I think we had a tie on that game...Girls have some pretty weird stuff in their purses...one girl had a toothpick!! We also played the clothes pin drop game...put the clothes pin between your knees walk a small distance and then drop the pin into a bottle...it was pretty hard, but we actually had two girls that got it first try!! We then moved outside for a water relay game and an egg toss!! By then it was time to come in and open presents...Everyone was so generous...all the girls at the party besides my niece had just met Chase when we moved here in March!! I was really surprised at the turn out...We had 8 girls here!! Also my dad was here and Curtis and Ann our dear friends from Northside (they are like grandparents to Chase) They are so good to her and we are so thankful for our friendship with them!! We had such a fun time!! After presents, it was time for the cupcake bar (my daughter in law Hester gave me this great idea) instead of a cake we made a cupcake bar...I baked cupcakes this morning then we had cupcake icing in all our birthday colors, sprinkles, m & m's, reese pieces, and oreo cookie crumbs for the girls to decorate their own cupcakes...WOW!! What a great time they had!!:) We finished up the day with a water balloon fight!! A good time was had by all!! While they were leaving...one girl told Chase this was the best party she had been to all year!!

Here is a slideshow of the party...Hope you enjoy!!
Tommy and I were able to give Chase another Big Surprise!! Besides the ring we gave her, we had saved up enough of our reward points from our Delta Credit Union account to get her an iPod Touch!! She had wanted one for Christmas, but we didn't have enough points then to get it and couldn't afford it otherwise, so we figured we would have just enough points by her birthday, and we made it...barely!!! She was very stoked!! (Chase's word not mine!!)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Chase's 13th Birthday!!

*** Warning...this post contains lots of photos***
Happy 13th Birthday Chase...We love you!! WOW!! Tommy and I still can't believe 13 years have pasted since our little girl was born!! We feel so blessed to be Chase's parents! When Chase was little I was worried about the day she became a teenager, I had heard such horror stories about teenage girls!! And I am sure that we will have our moments, but Chase has grown into a wonderful young lady, she loves the Lord with all her heart, and because of her love for the Lord, Chase loves and obeys her parents, she does what she knows is the right thing, whether others do it or not...Chase is so kind, compassionate and beautiful...everything you could want in a daughter! :)
Princess Chase awoke this morning to her special birthday tape that we bought her before her 1st birthday...it's really cute!!:) and a special breakfast just for her! A sausage, egg, and cheese casserole with biscuits!:) Yum!! Unfortuantely, she had school today....CRCT testing, and honor choir practice...
Some pictures before school/ and before her "date"
Here is a picture of Chase and her cousin Sierra before school :) Tommy and Chase have a great Father/Daughter relationship! They have often gone on Father/Daughter "date nights", so we decided for her 13th birthday, that this would be a special time for the two of them to go out!!! (and since they will be out, I am going out with my dad!!) For Chase's birthday surprise Tommy and I bought a ring for him to give to her on their "date"! We hope that it will serve as a reminder for Chase of how much she is loved!!
Here is the picture of the ring we bought her~ Her birthstone is diamond, so we decided to go with her favorite color...she loves green, so we went with a peridot stone :)
Here are the pics from Tommy and Chase's night at the Old Spaghetti Factory! :)
After the Old Spaghetti Factory, they headed to Krispy Kreme donut to watch the donuts being made...And eating some hot right off the "assembly line" YUM!!
As Hannah would say "Today is just her birthday, Saturday is the party!" I will post pictures and party details Saturday!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Furniture~To Us Anyway!!

Nathan and Hester are moving into a new house in Cumming, GA closer to Nathan's work. And they bought the model house, so they were able to get a good deal on buying some of the furniture that was already there!! And they are both so sweet, they offered to switch furniture with us (ok, ok...I guilted them into it, but they are still both very generous to switch with us!!) Seriously though...Our furniture was a better fit for their playroom and their furniture is newer and has more room, so that was great for us!! We are so thankful for our kids!! We took a huge leap of faith 3 years ago when we sold our house and most of our belongings to follow the Lord's leading in our lives! And all three of our sons and daughter in laws have really been such a blessing to us...whether they take us out to eat, or buy things they know we need, or give us something of theirs! Their generosity has been such a blessing and encouragement to us!! They have made sure that we haven't done without these past 3 years. (especially for Chase) Thank you, Lord for our wonderful family!!

Out with the old:

In with the New:

Happy Birthday Billy!!

It's so hard to believe that our oldest grandson is 4 years old today!! It seems like just yesterday he was a tiny little 4lb baby!! Now he is this 4 year old, who plays soccer and T-ball and goes to swim lessons!! WOW!! Time flies when you are having fun!! Billy is such a sweet and loving little boy, he loves computers and trains and all things boy!!

Billy, you are a wonderful part of our family and we love you very much!! Granddaddy and Mimi and Aunt Chase can't wait to see you and celebrate your birthday!! Have a great week!! We love you bunches and bunches!!