Monday, June 29, 2009

Thinking of Nan

Today is the 11th Anniversary of the death of my dear friend Nan Fleming Wallace

Nan has been on my mind alot lately...I was just telling Chase the other day, that even after 11 years when something good or bad happens in my life I reach for the phone to call Nan, and then I remember I can't call her anymore!! She was / is my dearest friend and I am so thankful for all the years I had with her!! And I am so thankful that I have hope in Christ and I can know that I will see her again one day!!

Hope Sunday School Class Outing!

On Saturday, we were invited by the Hope Sunday school class to go to Butler's Mill in Alabama. We had a great time of fellowship on the bus on the ride there. Of course we were told before the bus pulled out of the church parking lot, "what happens on the bus, stays on the bus", so I guess I can only say we had a great time! :) I got a couple of pictures at the restaurant, but I could tell people were avoiding me when I pulled out the camera, so I didn't get a lot of pics, but I wanted to share some that I did get!!
We also wanted to thank Jim Prince and the whole class for inviting us to tag along!!
We had a great time!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Please Pray for the Gentry family!!

Wyatt Gentry, 14 years old, died today from an accidental gun shot wound to the head. From what we know Wyatt was home, had gone outside (they own alot of property) to do some target shooting. He apparently had some sort of accident and his older brother and his mom found him! Please pray for this family during this very tragic time...They are a wonderful Christian family and I know they are completely devastated by Wyatt's sudden death. We have known the Gentry's since before Wyatt was born...and although we have not seen them in a few years, we have kept up with them through mutual friends. We are just heartbroken and saddened today over hearing the news of Wyatt's death. Chase and Wyatt danced every dance at Nathan and Hester's wedding, November will be 8 years ago. Such a sweet memory of a wonderful boy!! Again please keep this dear family in your prayers, especially for Wyatt's brother and mother to be able to get the image of finding him out of their mind.

Lord, I come to you now asking you to be with this dear family Lord, they love You and I am asking that You wrap Your arms of love around them, comfort them like only You can Lord. I pray specifically for Levi and Renee, Lord I ask that you take this image from their minds allow them to only have wonderful, special memories of Wyatt. I pray for Sam and Kelsey as well. I know that this is a family that loves You Lord and has put their faith and trust in You, so I ask You to give them peace, knowing that Wyatt is with You, safely in the arms of his Lord. We thank You Lord for Wyatt and his life...thank you for his family, be with them now and comfort them. I pray Lord that all we say and do will be honoring to You! Amen

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fun Family Day @ Six Flags Over Georgia!!

On Monday, we went on a long overdue, nothing but fun, family day!! We had talked on Sunday about how we haven't had a chance to just do something together, just the 3 of us, that was just about having fun!! So this morning we decided to treat ourselves to some family fun at Six Flags Over Georgia...What a great time we had!! There were a couple of obstacles in our path, Tommy started feeling sick after riding the Batman ride twice in a row!! And I ended up getting a major cramp in my leg, just before getting on the Goliath (apparently I was getting dehydrated and didn't realize it), so I didn't get to ride the Goliath...I will have to save that one for the next trip, but I got some great pics of Tommy and Chase riding the big roller coasters and I did get to ride Acrophobia (even though after last time I said I would never ride it again) It goes 200 ft in the air, then drops you to the was wild!!

Daffy trying to take our sunglasses off for the picture!!

Chase loves Tweety!! :)

This is a picture of Tommy and I on the Acrophobia..YIKES!! Chase took this picture right after my major panic attack...I was trying to get in the seat correctly and I pulled down the part that goes over you before I got hold of the strap, anyway I couldn't get it back up and I couldn't reach the strap...I was well, Tommy would say I was "freaking out" because I knew we were headed 200 feet into the air and being dropped to the ground and I really didn't want to do that without being strapped in!! Tommy kept telling me that someone would come and check, but they were checking everyone around me and not mine...I was a tad nervous, but finally someone came and I was able to calm down and enjoy being dropped to the earth from 200 feet!! :)

Brian & Gerie got Chase on her first real roller coaster the other week, but today, she rode the Batman, the Superman, the Georgia Scorcher, and the Goliath...all for the first time!! :)

This is Tommy after riding the Batman twice in a row!!

But he was a good dad and kept on riding...

Up, up, up, they go!!

All in all we were able to have fun-filled family day!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Highlights from Father's Day!!

Here are a few of the highlights from Father's day weekend!! Unbelievably, I forgot my camera when we were at my Dad's house to spend some Father's day time with him, and I didn't have my camera when we were at Tommy's parents on Sunday evening, so all the pics are just of Tommy's day! We are both very thankful for our dads, they are always there for us and we are so grateful to them for all they do...We went by Saturday evening to spend sometime with my dad and we gave him a Alabama "Roll Tide" cup...It's really cool...It is one of those cups that keeps cold things colder and hot things hotter, at least that's what the tag said!:) He loved that it was Alabama though...And Tommy made a special presentation to his dad during the Sunday morning service (you can do that when you are the Pastor!!) When Tommy ordered his business cards, he got a free hat with the church logo on it and had Pastor Tommy put above that, he liked it so much he decided to get his dad one too, it read "Pastor's Dad"...It was really cute!! We also went to their house Sunday evening and did some bowling on the Wii :)
As for Tommy we spoiled him this weekend, or at least we tried too!! We took him to eat Mexican food Saturday night (his favorite), then Sunday morning Chase and I got up extra early and made Tommy a big breakfast!! Eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, the works!! Of course, you saw my previous post about the banner we all put together for him!!! He loved it!! This year was somewhat different usually we have time on Sunday mornings to give him his gift before church, but he had to go early, so we waited until after church...I got him a much needed polo shirt...and Chase got him some much needed shoes, then we went to Texas Roadhouse for lunch!! :) I think I can speak for Chase and the boys when I say we are so thankful for Tommy! He is a wonderful father and husband!! (and Granddaddy too!!) He is a wonderful example to the boys of how to be a Godly father, and as for Chase, she will have a hard time finding a husband one day that even compares to her daddy!!
Tommy, we are so thankful for who you are and for all you do!! We are so thankful that you are a Godly man that stands up for what he believes in, we are thankful that you, like Joshua, chose to serve the Lord!

Choose for yourselves today whom you will serve...but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD. (Joshua 24:15 NASB)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day Tommy!!

Our first year in Wake Forest, NC...Chase and I made Tommy a banner that read "Happy Father's Day!" I made the banner by taking photos of Chase holding each letter to spell out Happy Father's Day! It was really cute and Tommy loved it!! So this year since we are back home I decided to do another banner, but have all the kids and grandkids be in the banner, and it turned out Awesome!! Tommy was very surprised when he opened the door to his office at the church to find this banner to greet him!!
Tommy is a wonderful husband, dad, and granddaddy and we are so thankful to have him in our lives!!
(This is kinda hard to see all the pictures good...I will do a slideshow, so you can see all of them...They are so cute!!)
Here is a slideshow of the individual pictures, so you can see them up close! :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Chase ~ My Jet Setter!!

As you probably know from previous post, my child likes to go, go, go...Her last day of school was May 29th and since that time she has been on the go!! Some of it has been going and spending the weekend with her Uncle and cousin in Hampton, GA and some of it has been spending the night with friends around Newnan. On June 7th, she left after her daddy's installation service to go spend the week with her brother & sister in law, Nathan & Hester in Cumming, GA (actually she was really going to spend time with her nephew & niece Jacob & Kinley, but don't tell Nathan & Hester). Chase was planning to be at their house Sunday thru Saturday but then she got a call from her good friend Brooke, who wanted her to go to Gatlinburg, TN with her and her family, Chase hated to leave Nathan and Hester's, but really wanted to go with Brooke!! (Hester likes to pick at Chase by saying that she just got a better offer!! heehee) I picked Chase up on Wednesday~Chase had a great time with Nathan, Hester, Jacob and Kinley and she can't wait to go and finish out her week with them soon!! One of the highlights of her visit was when Hester made some colored pancakes for breakfast, Chase was very impressed with these!!
Brooke's dad picked Chase up on Thursday to head to Gatlinburg, TN...Chase was a little surprised when she found out that Brooke's dad was her brother's ages and Brooke's grandparents were her dad's age!! We had a big laugh about that!! :) Chase had a great time in Gatlinburg and we are so grateful to Brooke's family for inviting Chase to come along!! Chase's big adventure and according to Brooke's dad the highlight of their trip...was when they all went tubing down a river and Chase lost hold of her tube and got caught in the current...I can laugh about this now because Chase is at home safe and sound, but apparently it was a little scary!! Chase got swept away and ended up going down 4 small waterfalls...Brooke's grandmother said Chase was her Hero!! Chase made it out with a few scratches, a couple of bruises and a great story to tell!! Chase's other excitement on her trip was finding a Coach purse for only $40...I know $40 is alot for a purse, but this purse is regularly about $250, so it was a great buy, not too mention Chase has been wanting a Coach purse for quite sometime :) They also rode the skylift in downtown Gatlinburg!! What a fun trip!! Chase came home Sunday evening and.....
Monday morning Brian & Gerie called to invite Chase to go to Six Flags with both of them and Billy...of course she was up and out of bed in a matter of minutes and dressed and ready to go!! She had a blast...when we have gone in the past...Tommy and I have begged and begged Chase just to try a roller coaster, but there was no talking her into it...Well, I don't know what Brian & Gerie did, but they convinced her!! And just as I suspected She LOVED it!! I knew she couldn't be our daughter without loving roller coasters!! Brian & Gerie got her on the Scream Machine, The Cyclone, and The Mindbender!! She said that she was saving the Batman and the Superman roller coaster to ride with Tommy and I when we all can go!! What a fun day spent with her brother and sister in law and nephew!! :) Thanks again for taking her she had such a good time!!

Billy liked Wonder Woman!!

What a great summer Chase has had so far...Hopefully we can keep her home long enough to enjoy sometime with us!! :)