Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Date Night

Tommy and I had the chance to sneak in a date night in the middle of the week yesterday, so we decided to go to a movie.

Our Choice??

We had such a great time! We both loved the movie! We also got the chance to check out the new movie theatre between Peachtree City and Sharpsburg...NCG Cinemas! We have never been to a movie theatre like it before, it was pretty neat...Free Refills on any size beverage / or popcorn and it's self -service! We highly recommend the theatre and the movie!

Thanks Tommy for a fun date night!
 I enjoyed having you all to myself!! I love you!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Band Camp 2011

As most of you know since starting high school last year, Chase has followed in her brothers footsteps and become a member of the Marching Band! Since Chase doesn't play an instrument that led her to the Colorguard, and she absolutely LOVES it!! She has become totally obsessed with colorguard, she now owns her own flag, rifle, and sabre...all of which she is usually in our front yard spinning at some point everyday!! Last year being her Freshman year, she was a rookie in the marching band, but this year, since she has marched a whole season, and competed in several competitions, she comes back as a Veteran!! She is so excited and she has been such a great help and encouragement to the rookies that have joined the marching band this season!! Tommy and I are so proud of her and we look forward to going to see her march every chance we get! She is quite good, if I do say so myself!! :)

Being a member of the colorguard is alittle different than if you play an instrument, if you play and pay you can be in the band, with the colorguard you have to go thru auditions and you have to be chosen every year! This year Chase tried out for the Weapons line, they only except 5 to 7 girls to be part of the Weapon line, they spin flags, rifles, and sabres....and only Vets can try out! Chase was so excited to be able to try out and even more thrilled to be accepted on the weapon line!! Band practice started the first week in May every evening from 5p - 9p except Wednesdays! June 11th and 12th (Saturday and Sunday) were kinda of pre band camp days meeting each evening from 5p - 9p then Band Camp really began Monday morning the 13th from 8a to 5:30p everyday thru Saturday June the 18th! Chase was worn out, but had the time of her life!! She loves colorguard and marching and though this week was tough, she loved it!! Saturday afternoon was a "Show off to the Parents" They have learned a whole section of the show was quite impressive!!

Here are a few pictures from the last day of Band camp:

Chase with her Coach!

Before the show for the parents, the colorguard captains have "band camp awards" for everyone, some are funny, and some are more serious! Chase was so excited to receive the "Most Improved Weapon" award...This year the weapon line has only 2 vets that have been on the weapon line before, so it was quite an honor for Chase to receive this award!

This is a picture of the entire Colorguard section:
The show this year is based on Edgar Allen Poe's poem The Raven, the colorguard designed there own sectional shirts, it's Edgar Allen Poe, with a nest with 2 Ravens (because they have 2 Seniors) then in the nest are Eggs (the Rookies) and the middle egg is cracking open with a flag, rifle, and sabre in the middle... Very creative!!

Now for a few pictures of the performances for the parents:
Chase always seemed to turn every time I took a picture, but I got a few good ones! :)

Great Job Chase! We are so proud of you!!
 We can't wait for Marching Season (aka Football Season) to start!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day, Tommy!!

We've had a wonderful day today honoring Tommy this Father's day for all he means to our family! He leaves for church before Chase and I are barely out of bed, so he opened his cards and gift and had to run, so we waited until after church to take a few pictures

In case you can't see...The frame reads....
My Husband...My Daddy....Our Hero!
We love you, Heidi and Chase
Tommy and Chase with his Father's day gift from us!
The pictures twist, so the frame holds 4 pictures and we are getting
new family pictures made in 2 weeks, so we will have some great new pics
to go with his new frame! :)
Chase with her Daddy and Papa

After church we went to Nathan and Hester's house to grill out and spend the day with them, we had so much fun, lots of good food, fun, and family! Thanks Nathan and Hester for having us all at your house! We love you all so much!! :)

I just had to share the card that Chase got Tommy this year...It was so cute!! They absolutely love to pick on each other, so when Chase found the card, she said "This is the one I have to get!!'
On the outside of the reads..."We have the perfect father/ daughter relationship" then the inside reads..."You are my father and I am perfect!!"  LOL!! Too funny!!! Tommy loved it!! :))

Happy Father's day, Tommy!! Thank you for the wonderful husband and father you are! You are such a godly example before your children!! We are all so thankful to have you in our lives! We love you so much!! :) I hope you have had a wonderful day and that you have felt honored and celebrated today!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Tommy's Early Father's Day Surprise!

Tommy got to open a Father's day gift early! Chase and I had gotten Tommy a special tie and had planned for him to wear it on Father's day, we didn't know that he was planning "Ulgy Tie" day at church for Father's day, so we decided to give him his Father's day tie early, so that he could wear it this past Sunday!

Isn't he cute in his AWESOME new tie!?!

Jacob Wins!!

Hester and the kids have been down this week going to VBS at their old church, so she brought Jacob, Kinley and Elyn over to our house on Monday to spend the afternoon with us! We had so much fun playing with the kids and catching up with Hester! The last few times Jacob and Kinley have come over they have wanted to play board games, they especially love Battleship, and Sorry! Jacob and Granddaddy were playing Sorry and Grandaddy had 1 piece left to get into home and Jacob didn't have any in his home, but he came back and ended up beating Granddaddy!! He was so excited!!

Jacob was Green - Granddaddy was Red

Granddaddy and Jacob are making faces like on the Wii - Jacob Wins, so he's happy
Granddaddy loses, so he's sad!! :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Birthday!

I celebrated my 43rd birthday last week, on June the 8th. Actually, we celebrated several days, which was great for me! With my birthday falling on a Wednesday it wasn't going to work out for us to have our usual birthday dinner, so Tommy and Chase took me to my favorite restaurant for Breakfast - Cracker Barrel!!

"Daddy are you cheating??"
Notice the sweet little boy in the window, he was watching the whole time Tommy and Chase played!

Tommy headed off to church that evening and Chase and I decided to spend the evening together with a girl's night out!! We went to Taco Mac for dinner, we had alot of fun talking and just enjoying each other's company!! I love my girl!! We met up with Tommy after church and had some birthday ice cream at Diary Queen!

UH?? I wasn't ready!! :)

Love My Girl!!

Tommy and Chase both give the DQ Blizzards 2 thumbs up!! :)

Tommy and Chase surprised me with a wonderful birthday gift as well...They got me a Netbook and I have been enjoying it so much!! Here's a picture of Tommy enjoying my new Netbook!! :)

On Thursday, some friends from church took Tommy and I to lunch to celebrate my birthday and to celebrate Tommy's 2 year Anniversary at the church, and continuing the celebration my dad took Tommy, Chase and I to Olive Garden for lunch on Friday! Unfortuantely I didn't get any pictures on Thursday or Friday!! I have had a wonderful daughter in law, Hester took me to breakfast this past Wednesday and we ran into Gerie, so I got to enjoy another birthday breakfast with 2 of my daughter in laws and my granddaughter Elyn!

I'm so thankful to my family for making my birthday so special!

Billy's visit

Our son, Brian and his wife, Gerie celebrated their 10 year wedding anniversary on June 5th. They planned a trip out of town, so we got to have our grandson, Billy for a week! We had a really fun time being able to spend some one on one time with him.  Billy loves playing the Wii and one of his favorite parts of playing the Wii is beating Granddaddy!!

Billy had Soccer camp for a couple of days while he was with us, and unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of him at camp, but he had a great time even in all this heat!! We did find a few ways to cool off while Billy was here, one day....Billy, Mimi, and Granddaddy decided to wash our we took that opportunity to spray each other with the water hose! We had lots of fun especially when Billy and I would spray Granddaddy!! We also went to the local park and played in the water sprinklers, that was alot of fun and helped Aunt Chase cool off before going to Band camp (the lack of posts has alot to do with Chase having band practice and now being in band camp...I will update about that in another post!)

Several nights after Billy's shower, Aunt Chase would sit with him and they would read stories together from her Nook!! It was so sweet to watch them together reading bedtime stories!!

We had so much fun having Billy here with us! We can't wait for his next visit!!