Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Destiny's 4th Birthday

~ Saturday, August 20, 2011

I couldn't let this day go by (even though I am just catching up the blog) I still couldn't let this day go by without saying a Happy Birthday to Destiny! As many of you know, Destiny is the little girl who stayed with us for almost 4 months while we were doing foster care. Unfortuantely we had no other choice but to close our home to DFACS because of a particular case worker, Valerie Walters was putting the rights and needs of the biological parents far above the needs and safety of the children in her care, Destiny being one of them, so we felt we had no choice, but to close our home!

On August 20th Destiny turned 4 years old, Destiny and I had talked many times about having her a big fun birthday party, she had never had one before, so I was so excited, and as you can imagine she was so excited too, she asked me everyday if that day was her birthday party! I hope that where ever she is now, that she was able to celebrate her birthday like a 4 year should!! We love you Destiny and we will never forget the time we had with you!!

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