Monday, October 10, 2011

4 grandkids for 4 days!! (con't)

~ Monday, Aug 1, 2011

After a fun filled day outside playing all kinds of water games, we had a fun night planned as well.  Elyn was kind too worn out to hang in with us, so we laid her down for the night and while Aunt Chase and I were setting everything up, Grandaddy took all the kids into our room and read them a story. When Aunt Chase and I were ready we told the kids that we were going to the movies!! (Of course Jacob's first question was who was going to stay with Elyn? He's such a good big brother, but I assured him she would be fine!) I explained that we were going to a special movie theatre called the "Worthey Theatre", then we led the kids out into the kitchen where Aunt Chase had the Concession stand set up, I gave everyone their money, and they were able to purchase a ticket for the movie, a bag of popcorn, a drink, and some candy...The kids continued on to the ticket taker aka Grandaddy, then they found their seats in the theatre and waited patiently for the movie to begin...

Our Feature Presentation for the evening was Yogi Bear

We were actually suppose to have a "Drive In Movie Night", but I couldn't find 3 boxes big enough for the kids to fit in, but hopefully we can do that again in the plan was to add wheels and headlights to the box with paper plates, Aunt Chase was going to add their names to the back of the "cars" and our plan was to let them decorate their cars before the movie, but like I said it didn't work out, but we all a great time anyway and since we had a longer night than usual, the kiddos were ready for bed when the movie was over!! 

On Tuesday. we tried heading out early for the park, (it was so hot the days the kids were here, we thought if we went early that it wouldn't be too bad) We went to a park in Hogansville, a park that is usually empty, but it's a really nice park and it has a pavilion for a perfect place for a picnic, so we took our lunch supplies with us!!

When we got to the park, the kids went immediately to play and I headed over to put our supplies under the pavilion...I had barely gotten over to the pavilion when I see Jacob and Billy heading over, so I asked if they were already hungry and they both responded "We are so HOT!" So they got a drink and headed back to play! We got the picnic set up, everyone ate really quickly and we got back in the Tahoe as fast as we could!! I couldn't believe how HOT it was, so we drove around with the A/C on full blast (My daughter in law, Hester calls our Tahoe The Artic Bus, but this day is was so nice!!)

Grandaddy was able to get a few pictures while we were at the park, I had really wanted one of all 4 of the kids together, the park has this cool slide that has 4 slides together, but it was way to hot to make the kids do a "photo shoot", so Grandaddy just walked around and took some pics as the kids played!

Chase was such a big help all 4 days the kids were here, and the kids loved having Aunt Chase to play with...
After we left the park we drove around a bit enjoying the A/C, but Chase had colorguard practice that evening, so we took her to practice, then took the kids to Burger King, so that they could play in the cool, we had dinner then back to get Chase from practice!

On Wednesday, we played games around the house and played the Wii quite a bit, we had to get the kids stuff together because Nathan and Hester were coming in the early afternoon to get their 3 kids because they were picking them up and heading straight from our house to the beach! Brian and Gerie's flight was not coming in until later, so we had Billy all day on Wednesday and he had a great time, beating Grandaddy on the Wii, not to mention a new game Grandaddy started by hitting Jacob and Billy with a little blow up ball! They loved teaming up against Grandaddy!! :)

We had a wonderful 4 days with 4 of our grandkids!! Thank you Brian, Gerie, Nathan, and Hester for letting the kids stay with us!

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