Friday, October 28, 2011

Beach Trip 2011

~ Thursday, August 4, 2011

As I mentioned in my last post, when Nathan and Hester picked up Jacob, Kinley and Elyn from our house, they were headed to the beach! They had graciously invited us to come along with them, so Billy was picked up Wednesday evening and we headed out bright and early Thursday morning to spend a few days with Nathan, Hester and the kids on the beach in Gulf Shores! Hester said the way the condo was set up we would have enough beds for Chase to invite a friend along, so Payton joined us on our last trip before school started back that Monday!

We had a fun ride to the beach, as usual when we set out on a long car ride, we stopped at Cracker Barrel for a big breakfast! I got a picture of the three red shirts! :)

Tommy and I enjoyed a nice ride for most of the way down because as you can see Chase and Payton spent most of their time with these in their ears! We could talk about them and they didn't even know it!! :)

We had a great time with Nathan, Hester and the kids as usual! We went out to eat, spent most of our time at the pool because the ocean and beach were covered in jellyfish, but we love the pool! Payton and Chase played racquetball several nights, and Nathan and Jacob enjoyed some putt-putt golf! Us girls all headed out on our last day their to the outlet malls! Chase got a hat, sunglasses, and an Alabama T-shirt! Payton got a pair of sunglasses, and a cute T-shirt and Kinley got a new purse!! :) Chase and Payton kept the kids one night, so that the adults could go on a double date! I got some cute pictures of Elyn when we got home...Hester had her laughing so hard, I wish it was a video! It was too precious!

and here are a couple of pics the morning we left!! I don't know if you noticed, but Chase and Payton planned out their traveling attire ahead of time...on the way to the beach they both had on their red Ron Jon t-shirts and on the way home, they are both wearing their Bass Pro Shop t-shirts!! :)

We had a great 4 days at the beach, we have never been to Gulf Shores before, but it was exactly what we needed before coming home and starting school on Monday!! :) Thanks Nathan and Hester for letting us tag along with you guys again this year! We love you!

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Lauren Faison said...

What a fun trip!! I love the beach too!