Monday, March 11, 2013

It's been awhile

It has definitely been awhile since I have been posting on our blog! As a matter of fact, the last post I made was that Chase made Georgia All-State Chorus, her Sophomore year! We went to Savannah for her rehearsals and she performed with the All-State Chorus at the Savannah Civic Center and since that post, she has made Georgia All-State Chorus again and again we spent a week in Savannah as Chase rehearsed and sang in the Senior Mixed Chorus at the Savannah Civic Center! There have been SO many things going on in between those concerts! We celebrated Chase's Sweet 16 with a Big party (I will post pictures later) Chase is now a junior in high school, actually just about to complete her junior year! Chase has had many opportunities this year, she interned at one of the local elementary schools in the music department. Chase was inducted into the National Honor Society, the International Thespian Society, Tri-M, as well as the Future Educators Association!

In December 2012, Chase fell down a flight of stairs at the Dessert Cabaret at her high school and broke her fibula, her ankle bone also moved too far away from her tibia, so she had surgery about 5 days after her fall. She now has a plate and 9 screws! This all happened on December 14th, today is March 11, 2013 and after weeks in bed, weeks in a wheelchair, and weeks walking in a boot, she is finally starting to see light at the end of the tunnel! She has been in physical therapy since the second week of January and her physical therapist is hopeful that Chase will be out of her boot by next week! Finally!! :) She still has a month or more of physical therapy, but we are almost at the end of this long journey!

It's been a crazy, busy, lonnng 3 months, but we know that God works all things for our good! Even though this has been a traumatic experience for Chase and for all of us, she has shown so much maturity, she has never complained or grumbled about her circumstances, she continues to smile and share the love of Christ! This experience though painful has drawn the 3 of us closer than we have been in sometime! We have bonded even closer to each other! And we are thankful for this time that we have all had to slow down and spend time caring for each other...Of course Tommy and I cared for Chase, but we also cared for one another, and now Chase so willingly does things for us showing us her gratitude for all we did while she was laid up! *Tears* I don't mean to brag too much we had our days!! But as I look back I can truly say that God was working all things for our good!!

During her days in the wheelchair Chase was invited to go on a Chrysalis Flight, she was able to spend 3 days at a Christian retreat with other girls her age. The main focus of the weekend was to spend time with Christ, to strengthen her relationship with the Lord and to draw nearer to Him, as she learned to deepen and strengthen her faith! Chase came home as you can imagine on the mountain top, and she is still very excited about her faith and her relationship with Christ!

Well, I have bragged on my daughter and our family enough for one night! I hope to find the time to starting blogging again! I updated some of our pictures on the sidebar, but I will try and upload some pictures soon!

Thanks for listening!


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