Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Happy, Happy Birthday to Autumn!

For those of you who have not had the privilege to meet Autumn, she has become Chase's best and dearest friend since we have moved back to Newnan from Wake Forest! They met in the 8th grade and have become dear friends! As Autumn celebrates her 17th birthday today! I just wanted to do a blog post to let her know how much she means to all of us!

Over the last year or more Autumn and Chase's friendship has really deepened, and not just between Chase and Autumn, Tommy and I have come to love Autumn like a daughter! Autumn has definitely shown the kind of friend she is to Chase these last 3 months, she has been the friend that has been here when Chase couldn't even get out of bed! Autumn was right here laying in bed with her, watching movies, talking, spending quality time together. Autumn has even been there to drive Chase to physical therapy, and take care of Chase at her house, so that Chase could spend the night away from home! We love you so much Autumn!! I see you and Chase being life long friends and I couldn't be happier!
Thank you Autumn for your friendship to Chase and for all you mean to me and Tommy as well! We hope you have a great day!! Here are a couple more of my favorite pictures of her and Chase! We have so many to chose from, but some of my favorites are from their Chorus trip to New York City!!

Happy Birthday, Autumn!! We love you!!

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